Meeting with Dr Zsuzanna Jakab

Tuesday, April 19th

Crown Princess Mary met with WHO Regional Director for Europe, Dr Zsuzanna Jakab discussing the ongoing collaboration. 

A few days ago I received a tip from a friend who told me that the Crown Princess had attended at meeting with World Health Organization's Regional Director for Europe, Dr Zsuzanna Jakab on Tuesday April the 19th. It was vaccination, and the importance of preventing diseases with vaccination programs, which was on the agenda while discussion an ongoing collaboration such as the European Immunization Week. In the statement written by both the Crown Princess and Dr Zsuzanna Jakab, they sum up how incredible results the European Region has obtained, among others, maintained the status as polio free. As some kind of conclusion, the two prominent women think it is now time to identify new ways to measure and communicate the full impact and of course value of vaccination, saving lives and preventing diseases in the future. This meeting took place five days before the European Immunization Week 2016 took place from April 24-30th, which the Crown Princess and Dr Zsuzanna Jakab mentions as a time to celebrate, to reflect on the successes of vaccination and to consider the remaining challenges we are constantly facing.

Talking about fashion, I love to see how well-dressed Mary is when she is at work also without twenty photographers and journalists following each and one of her steps. Only one single photo has been published along with the statement, where she is standing next to World Health Organization's Regional Director for Europe, Dr Zsuzanna Jakab. One of her really old goodies that silky Prada  (collection: 2004) blouse featuring a significant watercolour pattern matched with a SAND Copenhagen 3/4 sleeved jacket are what she wore during the meeting. Beautifully, she accessorized her professional business outfit with black pearl jewellery from Dulong Fine Jewelry. A black pair of trousers and then my best guess would be some of her black pair of pumps to makes her outfit look complete.

Jacket: SAND Copenhagen
Blouse: Prada
Earrings: Dulong Fine Jewelry Anello Pearl Earrings
Bracelet: Dulong Fine Jewelry Anello Pearl Bracelet, Big
Ring: Dulong Fine Jewelry

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