Crown Princess Mary Scholarship 2016

Friday, April 29th

Crown Princess Mary attended the presentation of this years recipients of the Crown Princess Mary Scholarship 2016, which was handed over at University of Copenhagen in Copenhagen.

After a two days visit to Bukina Faso along with Minister of Foreign Affairs, Kristian Jensen, the Crown Princess is now back in Denmark. The visit was packed with stories and impressions from local women. She was back in Denmark on Friday and only three hours later, she was on the road again. This time to attend the presentation of this years Crown Princess Mary Scholarship 2016 at University of Copenhagen. The scholarship has been handed over since 2004, the same year as it was established. It was a gift from University of Copenhagen to the royal couple on behalf of their wedding. The Crown Princess Mary Scholarship has since then been given to two Australian students. With the scholarship follows DKK 10,000.  These money are given as financial aid to the students while studying in Denmark. Usually it's easy to find both pictures and articles from the annual events, but this years is different. Despite the lack of photographers and journalists, she arrived to the University of Copenhagen in a great mood. Tempe McMiin and Winifred Knight were the two lucky students to both meet the Crown Princess and receive her scholarship. In a speech the Crown Princess talked about her recent visit to Burkina Faso and how local women need the same opportunity to get an education. At the same time she praised the two recipients for their hard work.

You really need a trained eye being able to identify what Mary wore during the presentation at the University of Copenhagen, because as I told you only a few pictures have been published in a pretty bad quality. But no challenge is too difficult. Even though the photos were in such a poor quality, I am able to tell you what she wore. Three hours before she arrived to hand over the scholarships, she walked around in sheer blouses, wearing sunglasses. This was replaced with long black trousers, a black Prada coat and her white Hugo Boss peplum. A very beautiful and minimalistic outfit. Black and white are a perfect match, no matter time and place. Mary then accessorized her look with a black Carlend Copenhagen clutch and what I strongly believe is her patent pumps from Gianvito Rossi. She topped of the look with earrings, ring and bracelet from Dulong Fine Jewelry. Classy pieces. With a stylish "Mary blow out" she rocked this outfit like on one else would. 

Coat: Prada
Earrings: Dulong Fine Jewelry Anello Pearl Earrings
Bracelet: Dulong Fine Jewelry Anello Pearl Bracelet
Ring: Dulong Fine Jewelry
Clutch: Carlend Copenhagen Vanessa
Shoes: Gianvito Rossi Patent Leather Mid Heel Pumps

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