Day 4. The Women Deliver Conference 2016

Tuesday, May 19th
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Crown Princess Mary attended as patron the last day with the 4th Women Deliver Conference 2016here, in Bella Center, Copenhagen.

It has been four really long days for the Crown Princess and the other 5,500 participants, who have participated in the 4th Women Deliver Conference 2016 that has been taken place in Bella Center in Copenhagen this year. As patron of the conference, Crown Princess Mary has had a lot to do. She has met so many people, heard different stories and had the chance to met foundations and organizations working for girls and women all over the world. Along with Denmark, are representatives gathered from 169 different countries all to share knowledge on how to improve girls and women's rights, health and well-being. Before attending the final event of the conference, she joined a few meeting with among others Birgitte Handwerk, who is a fundraiser for the organization Orchid Project, fighting to stop female genital mutilation. The Crown Princess also met the Belgian artist Kity Mbiango. Some of his women's portraits, were exhibited at the Bella Center as she experienced herself, when she was given a guided tour by the artist. At 3:00 pm. local time it was time for the Crown Princess and all the participants to close the conference. This was done with lots of sining, dancing and happy faces. Along with Princess Mabel of the Netherlands, the Crown Princess danced in first row and enjoyed artists entertaining on the big stage. It is really wonderful to see people sining and dancing. I can't imagine a better way ending such as successful 4th Women Deliver Conference and celebrate the life of girls and women.

As successful as the conference I think her outfits the last four days have been nothing else than a true success. Looking gorgeous in a bright blue dress, Mary amazed me with what she had chosen to wear the final day. I am pretty sure we have seen the combination of the blue dress and that emerald green brooch before, on March 10th 2015, when she attended both 8th Public Private Dialogue Workshop 2015 and a painting exhibition with the Home Guard, here. So what do you say? - is she actually wearing the same combo? The two colours, blue and green, compliment each other really really well. Makes both colors stand out, beautifully. I have never been able to find out about neither dress or brooch, but if you have some idea who could have designed two pieces, I would love to hear from you. Maybe your idea leads me to the one we are looking for. In another wonderful brown color, she added her bag from Ralph Lauren, a classic and outstanding accessory I never get tired of. She also stunned me with the other accessories she had chosen: a golden Cartier watch, diamond earrings as well as three diamond rings from among others Ole Lynggaard Copenhagen. Love her curly hairstyle, which makes a great match to the rest of her outfit. What shoes she is wearing? - well I don't know. Unfortunately, I haven't found any pictures.

Bag: Ralph Lauren Soft Ricky Bag
Watch: Cartier Tank Francaise 18K Yellow Gold
Rings: Ole Lynggaard Copenhagen Love Bands

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