The Hubertus Hunt 2015

Sunday, November 1st

Crown Prince Frederik and Crown Princess Mary attended the annual Hubertus Hunt in Dyrehaven with all four children.

This is something I have been looking forward to for a really long time, because it has been four years since the Crown Princes couple and their children have attended the Hubertus hunt. So, now I think it's time for us to see them at this annual event again and we did. The family arrived old-fashioned by carriage to the castle around 10:45 am. The Crown Prince family; mom, dad and their four wonderful children watched the Hubertus Hunt from a balcony at the Eremitage castle, which by the way was resorted back in 2013. The castle is a smaller hunting castle that was used as a sanctuary where the king gathered small private hunting parties far away from the city. The castle was build in 1734-1736 by the architect Laurids de Thurah at the time of King Christian VI. So, during the hunting season the King used the castle as a resting place. Today the Eremitage castle is only used for special occasions and hunting dinners. Along with the Crown Prince couple over 40,000 people were gathered in Dyrehaven to follow the hunt. At 10:00 am the 160 riders were sent out on the 11 km long route as mentioned before passes by the Erimitage castle where the royal family watched the hunt. During the route the riders need to go through 32 obstacles among others the famous and legendary Magasindam, which is muddy water where many of the riders often drops into the pond. To get a glimpse of this many take place next to the pond. To me it seemed like the royal family enjoyed spending their sunday in the park.

I found so many pictures from the Hubertus hunt from yesterday, wonderful pictures of families in the woods dressed in warm jackets and hats. The soundings are absolutely outstanding. All the magnificent colours -leaves in orange, brown, dark green and red. This is why autumn is my favourite time a year. Even though the weather in Denmark are getting colder, I love it. Covering myself in warm clothes and woolen blankets. And I get an excuse to wear all the darker colours, bordeaux, navy blue, green matching the colours in the nature. I always loved this time a year and i really do not know why? But I adore everything about it. As I do, Mary and her family also loves fall colours and I'm so sure they enjoyed a day in their warm and comfy clothes. All four kids were wearing different shades of jeans and Christian, Isabella and their sister Josephine all wore each their down jacket from Moncler. Vincent and his father wore similar winter jackets. Actually, I was surprised Mary was the only one wearing a hat. She matched her knitted hat, which you might remember from her stunning 40th birthday pictures, here, with leather gloves featuring a hemline of fur which I kinda like. I would never ever have chosen them on my own but after Mary wore hers I would really like to buy similar gloves. I have a pair of bordeaux made of wool which are absolutely gorgeous but I wouldn't mind to have Mary's gloves as well. Nothing to hide, because I'm crazy about yesterday's November-outfit. Her outfit are so much inspired by the old-british-manor-house-style. Perfect for an event like this. In the same dusty colour, she wore a turtleneck sweater and a brand new down vest. In fact I'm not a down-jacket or down-vest fan. I think I would look silly wearing one, but Mary wear hers beautifully. A similar model has been found at Uniqlo, but there are some differences around the neckline. So, I can't tell for sure if it's the same as the one Mary is wearing. What do you say? Nevertheless, she embrace the style with her greenish Ralph Lauren (Blue Label Collection) blazer worn during a trip to Greenland in 2014, here. I think I remember something about Catherine, the Duchess of Cambridge, got the same one. Her amazing brown leather bag is also from Ralph Lauren. Left we have the brown riding boots. The most classy model of them all. After some hours I was able to actually find the right model from Prada as I first assumed as the designer. With a little help you now find the same model as Mary was wearing down below.

Blazer: Ralph Lauren Lambswool-Blend Tweed Jacket
Bag: Ralph Lauren Soft Ricky Bag
Boots: Prada Boots in Brown

Ideas for identification
Vest: Uniqlo Ultra Light Down Compact Vest

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