"Replant the Planet"

Monday, November 2nd

Crown Princess Mary attended the inauguration of Plant a Three-campaign Replant the Planet taking plae at Naturcenter Herstedhøje in Albertslund. 


Crown Princess Mary visisted Naturcenter Herstedhøje in Albertslund at 12:00 pm local time to attend the inauguration of the campaign Replant the Planet. Along with 120 local school kids, plenty of photographers and journalists the Crown Princess planted the first tree in what is going to be a new forest given the name 'Princess grove'. For several year the Crown Princess has been committed to attend all kind of campaigns to help the environment, develop sustainable solutions and get people to understand that it is our common responsibility. We only have one world and we need to take care of it -one way or another. Over 15,000 school children in Denmark participates in this project, which aim to teach children how you can do something about some of the many climate change we faces. Most countries around the world are committed to develop sustainable solutions and to implicate children in the project makes it more of a natural thing for them to take better care of our and their world such as the 'few' raw materials we have left. During the day everybody was allowed to plant their own tree and within the first week of November the 15,000 children will plant over 30,000 small new tree -oaks, beeches, birches. Wearing green rubber boots on her feet and with a spade in her hand, she nicely and perfectly planted her tree as the first one to mark the opening of Replant the Planet on a cold November day. Beside planting trees the children participate in several other activities in which the Crown Princess, with great curiosity, also attended.

Beside it was very funny and special to see her in rubber boots and with a spade in her hands were she always wears a expensive clutch or bouquet, one other thing was way more special. Because she brought with her a guest, we have only see at more private events. She brought with her Ziggy. A wonderful sight. Ziggy was a wedding gift from Dansk Kennel Klub to the couple when they got married in 2004. Ziggy was born in january 2005 and the couple got her in april.

November 2nd was a rather cold day and when your day is going with planting trees in the field, you need the right clothes. She even commented on her footwear: "It was a great I chose to wear my rubber boots" and she laughed afterwards. Planting trees requires the right footwear and again similar to Catherine, the Duchess of Cambridge, Mary wore her Le Chameau in a dust olive green colour that perfectly matched the, to us, new quilted jacket from Barbour. This jacket was really not easy to find. First of all because I had never heard about the brand before. It was identified by Kate and finally after two days looking everywhere to find it -I finally found it. Keeping the rest of her body warm she wore a dark grey turtleneck sweater, tight jeans and greenish knitted socks. Even in knitwear and rubber boots she looks just great. Wish that was how I looked wearing something similar -that is not the case. 

Boots: Le Chameau Vierzonord Wellington Boots

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