Concert at Fredensborg palace

Tuesday, November 10th

Queen Margrethe and Prince Henrik hosted a concert in the church of Fredensborg Palace, followed by a souper in Fredensborg palace Dome Hall for the tourism industry in Denmark. Crown Princess Mary and Princess Marie also attend the concert.

Only lightened up by the car lights and lights from the windows of Fredensborg palace, all guest arrived on Tuesday to attend a concert hosted by Queen Margrethe and Prince Henrik. One by one, the royal guest arrive to Fredensborg palace in Copenhagen from 7:00 pm. -first Princess Marie, than Crown Princess Mary and Queen Margrethe and Prince Henrik as the last two to arrive. It was more of a 'girls-night-out' because the Princess and Crown Princess attended on their own without their husbands. The concert took place in the church of Fredensborg Palace. The music was performed by Christian IX' ensemble and singers from Sønderjysk Choir. Throughout the years, the Queen and Prince have hosted many concerts and dinners to honor different groups of the Danish society. Now it was time for the Queen and Prince to honor the tourism industry, because of their hard work with the over 20 million foreign visitors who annually visit Denmark. The four royal family members had each their own red velvet chair to sit on during the concert. Around 8 o'clock, an hour after everyone arrived, the guests as well as the royal family members went to the Dome Hall to attend the following souper (french for 'a late evening dinner') where a lovely dinner were served -fish, lobster, pumpkin pie, apple fromage and lots of other delicious things. The Dome Hall were beautifully decorated with round tables, golden chairs, emerald glasses, silver plates and pink/red flowers. They really know how to decorate a room for a royal dinner. At the time when all the guests arrived to the Dome Hall, the entree were already served.

Matching the night's theme, both Mary and Marie were dressed in black, red and pink. I kinda like that Marie wore a skirt and a blouse, which was in a really great bright colour but I do not understand in a million year what is going on with that skirt? It is some kind of ruffles or...? Like her mother-in-law, Mary wore a really elegant new black lace dress. It features long sleeves and a round neckline. The more I look at the dress; I have the feeling that I might have seen a style like this before. The way the dress is made all with the lace part. Now when I know the dress is from Prada I understand why I had seen the style before. One of Mary's favourite designers to wear. I was looking for something else and found this evenings dress worn by Isabella Ferrari at the Women's Tales Dinner during the 72nd Vernice Film Festival, here. Knee-length dresses has always been her favourite and the length also suit her perfectly. It looks appropriate and elegant at the same time. Very feminine for her age and status. As Queen of the night, Mary looked like a movie star wearing a bright red lipstick and black eyeshadow. The curly hair reminds me so much of the 40s wavy hair which just gave me the chance to share a real vintage photo with you of the graceful actress Veronica Lake, here. The most classy outfit for women to wear at any evening event is, by no doubt, the combo of black and red. Mary accessorized her evening outfit with her diamond earrings from Marianne Dulong, a black clutch and black patent pumps from Gianvito Rossi.

Dress: Prada Lace Embroidered Dress
Earrings: Marianne Dulong Lotus
Shoes: Gianvito Rossi Patents Leather Pumps in Black

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