The French Embassy's Prize for Human Rights 2015

Tuesday, November 24th

Crown Princess Mary attended the presentation of the French Embassy's Prize for Human Rights 2015 as patron of the Maternity Foundation taking place at the French Embassy in Denmark.

The Crown Princess attended this event only two and a half hours after the tennis event in KB-Hallen in Frederiksberg, here. Then in the afternoon she visited the French Embassy in Denmark to hand over the French Embassy's Prize for Human Rights 2015, which was  given to the Maternity Foundation. The foundation works to reduce maternal and newborn mortality in developing countries and has has the Crown Princess as their patron since 2010. When the Crown Princess arrived to the French Embassy at Kongens Nytorv in Copenhagen the weather was terrible -rainy and windy. Despite the bad weather she took time to place a large bouquet of white lilies, next to all the other flowers, in front of the French embassy in memory of the victims of the terror attack on November 13th. Crown Prince Frederik and Princess Marie attended a ceremony a few days after the attack, but the Crown Princess was in Senegal at the time. Her gesture was noticed also noticed by the French Ambassador in Denmark and former Ambassador for Human Rights. So why white lilies? They are symbolized with both sorrow, sadness, grief and heavenly purity, life and beauty. Without a single

From one bouquet to another. Before the presentation began she was given a bunch of flowers from a little flower-boy. Accompanied by the French ambassador Fran├žois Zimeray, Mary attend the presentation of the Prize for Human Rights 2015, which was handed over to the Maternity Foundation. At this, both happy and honorable day, Mary was dressed beautifully in black. Nothing new, but Mary wear her clothes as if it was the first time -every time. The black dress features a sequin belt and is from Prada. Last time we saw is was in 2014 when she attended the Ordrupgaard exhibition in Charlottenlund, here. At the time she also wore a red nail polish. I always loved the dress with its sense of a 50s dress. A few years ago I bought a very similar vintage dress that was in a really bad condition, but I had to have it. Today it is one of my personal favourite dresses and when Mary wore her Prada dress the first time I was thrilled. This time I kinda missed the Gianvito Rossi shoes because they were a really great match. At yesterdays presentation she chose another pair of Gianvito Rossi pumps in black and a matching Carlend Copenhagen clutch. She was also wearing her golden Orit Elhanati necklace. When she arrived to the French Embassy she wore some kind of black woolen coat and because of the wind, we had a glimpse of her reused diamond earrings. A little bit of everyday glamour.
Clutch: Carlend Copenhagen Vanessa
Necklace: Orit Elhanati The Abyss Necklace
Shoes: Gianvito Rossi Patent Pumps

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