The Crown Princess Mary obsession #8

Yes, we still have a couple of posts left to hear your stories. I've really enjoyed every single one of them. It has been incredible to get to know you better and great to write something else than just my own thoughts. A goal has always been to write about things you like and have an interest in, which is why these posts are great. I get a glimpse of your life and why you admire the Danish Crown Princess. This gives me a clue of what to write about. As I just said, we still have two amazing posts left and every time I so much look forward to share them with all of you. Many of you I have been so lucky to write stories about is people I have been even more lucky to get a rather close friendship with, which the same with this woman -Catherine. Take good care or her and read her story with pleasure. I am sure you'll love it as much as I do.

Catherine's passion about the royals actually started somewhere else; in another country and another royal woman. The royal woman we all know the story of because of the tragedy that happened in 1997. Of course I'm talking about Princess Diana. We know how troubled her life was, which was revealed after her death leaving two little boys and a husband when she died in a car crash. "Many years ago (long before your were born!) I really enjoyed reading about Princess Diana. Following her movements as well as her fashion."  I am sure we all have a certain love for Diana. Her quiet, and caring personality. Her figure as a princess, mother and wife is still worth talking about. The tragic death in 1997 was a terrible loss for everyone. Because Catherine was a dedicated follower of Princess Diana, she lost her number one princess. I can't imagine how this must have felt. "... I had no-one to adore in the magazines each week anymore." So sure there are some of you out there who also lost their beloved princess back then.

But than came this average Australian woman who married a certain Danish Prince seven years later. Mary Elizabeth Donaldson from Tasmania. One of the reasons why Mary caught her attention was the fact that she is from Australia: "In part I follow her because she is Australian and because of her sense of style." 

As I told you, Catherine and I have known each other for quite a while now. We have never met personally, but I still very much enjoy her company. I know Catherine because she once texted me and right since we have had contact now and than. Actually, she chose to use much of her answers to my 'obsession-questions' about your Mary hobby, to write about StyleofMary! That made me so happy I can't barely describe the feeling. "Your blog, Style of Mary, is certainly the best site for following her fashion. In 2014 my favourite things to do, was to print off the pictures from the categories 'fashion 1,2,3 and 4'. I am hoping that you will do a 'fashion 5' in 2015." Despite the fact that I know you all love these categories so much I have decided to remove them. Not that I want to. but in a way I feel I have to. You already know why.

"Once again, thank you so much for all the time and effort that you put into Style of Mary, it is very much appreciated." .. and you are more than welcome! I love writing knowing that someone out there in the big big world actually enjoy what I do. I want to thanks Catherine for letting us know a little about her Mary-story, how she became a decimated follower of her and the fact that I had the chance to write and share her story. It is very much appreciated.

Catherine loves the pictures of Mary and Frederik from 2013 when they were on official visit in Australia. That is why she chose these photos. They are from the first day when the Crown Prince couple were welcomed by the public in front of Sydney Opera House.

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