Opening of the Parliament 2015

Tuesday, October 6th

Crown Prince Frederik and Crown Princess Mary attended the opening of the Parliament, which takes place each year on the first Tuesday in October. The couple were accompanied by Queen Margrethe, Prince Henrik, Prince Joachim, Princess Marie and Princess Benedikte. 

The first Tuesday in October is a special day in Denmark, because it is the day when the Danish Parliament opens after the parliament members holiday. The opening also marks the beginning of a new parliamentary session and especially this year because we in 2014 had an election that gave  us a new government.
Queen Margrethe and Prince Henrik arrived to Christiansborg castle at 11:45 am. followed by Crown Prince Frederik and Crown Princess Mary, then Prince Joachim and his wife Princess Marie and last Princess Benedikte. The royal family attends the Parliamentary session from the balcony which gives them a view of the entire parliament hall. A few years back I visited the parliament at Christiansborg castle in the center of Copenhagen. I joined a guided tour around the building and got the change to get close to these royal seats. Even though it is just chairs, it was a great experience for me. Think I was the only one even paying attention to the chairs. Many traditions are attached to the annual Parliament opening: the members must give their speech in the correct order, the royal family should be treated in the right way and not least the Prime Minister give the opening speech. This year's speech was given by our new Prime Minister Lars Løkke Rasmussen. I watched the broadcast and I'm very impressed by his speech -eloquent and judicious.

It was with great excitement I watched the opening and I have to admit, not really what I had expected. Do you remember her look from last year? -a white coat with purple accessories, here? That outfit stunned me. Today my eyes were drawn to Princess Marie because she really nailed it. Pastel colours matched with snake skin pumps. Absolutely magnificent. Mary's outfit was a bit more plain and monotone. I had hoped for some more colours, eye catching pumps or maybe another hat. Although, she was really good-looking at the opening. She was dressed in what I think is her black peplum from Hugo Boss and a new grey lace skirt identified by Heaven as Dolce & Gabbana. She was wrapped up in a black shawl to keep a little warm in the cold October weather. Today's outfit was accessorized with earrings, bracelets and a ring from Marianne Dulong. Mary also embraced the style by wearing her old Carlend Copenhagen clutch and pumps from SAND Copenhagen. I think her hat could be a creation from Susanne Juul, but I have nothing to prove it. According to Royal Hats it's an old one with new flowers. A little too plain I think for the event, but not bad at all. Though her outfit is not as I expected she never disappoints me. I'm stunned by her elegance and down-on-earth attitude.

Blouse: Hugo Boss Ipeplana Peplum Top in Black
Skirt: Dolce & Gabbana Macreme Lace Pencil Skirt
Earrings: Marianne Dulong Ocean
Bracelet: Marianne Dulong Ellipse
Bracelet: Marianne Dulong Catena
Ring: Marianne Dulong
Clutch: Carlend Copenhagen Vanessa
Shoes: SAND Copenhagen

Ideas for identification
Hat: Susanne Juul Black Hat

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