Day 3. Visiting South Africa

Tuesday, November 4th

Crown Princess Mary and Minister of Trade and Development Mogens Jensen are visiting South Africa from November 2-5th. The visit focuses on, among others, sexual- and reproductive health and rights. 

Program: Johannesburg
  • 12:30 pm. Crown Princess Mary visited the Brother's for Life.
  • 3:00 pm. Crown Princess Mary visited a diabetes clinic donated by Novo Nordic.
  • 7:30 pm. The Crown Princess attended a networking reception. 

Crown Princess Mary during her third day, Johannesburg

Already on her third day! Where has the days are gone? A four day visit is really not much, so we have to take everything where she is still visiting South Africa. The Crown Princess is traveling with Minister of Trade and Development Mogens Jensen, by whom she had traveled with before on similar occasions. First two days she and Mogens Jensen have been visiting Cape Town but now they are in Johannesburg. Mary's day, or noon, began with a visit at the Brother's for Life followed by a visit to a mobile diabetes clinic in the village Winterfeld. The mobile clinic has been donated by the Danish medical company Novo Nordic and the Crown Princess got her eyes on what such an donation have been able to do in a village like Winterfeld. She and Mogens Jensen got the opportunity to talk with many of the employees working at the clinic such as some of the patient who have been got help.

I was overwhelmed by the colour combination she had chosen for today's outfit. When she arrived at the diabetes clinic she was wearing the new Etro coat featuring the most beautiful patterns. According to Princess Watchers the new dusty rose silk blouse is from Hugo Boss and with a little more help I was able to find the right one. Unfortunately, I can't share a link with you because it disappeared from the website. But I have some pictures saved on my computer to those of you who would like to see them. Do not hesitate to contact me. A blouse I hope to see again and because of the simple and feminine style I differently think we will. At the first day in Cape Town she showed us a new pair of beige Tod's wedges which we now have the pleasure to enjoy one more time. She accessorized this lovely outfit with jewellery from Marianne Dulong, Orit Elhanati and Shamballa Jewels such as her Prada sunglasses.

Blouse: Hugo Boss
Sunglasses: Prada
Earrings: Marianne Dulong Esme Earrings, Big, w. Diamonds
Necklace: Orit Elhanati The Abyss necklace
Bracelet: Marianne Dulong Piccolo Bracelet w. Spinel
Bracelet: Shamballa Jewels Royal Bracelet w. Argyle White Diamond Pavé
Shoes: Tod's Suede peep toe wedges

Crown Princess Mary attending a reception

At 7:30 pm. arrived Mary to attend a networking reception along with Minister of Trade and Development Mogens Jensen and the Danish business delegation. Unfortunately I haven't been able to find much information from the reception. It was a network reception where several representative participated from both Denmark and South Africa which was another reason why Mary is on this official visit: to focus on the collaboration between to two countries. A reception like this is the ideal opportunity for everyone to get to know each other better. Mary welcomed all the special invited guest with a handshake, a little small talk and her lovely smile. 

In the evening when she attended the reception she had changed clothes to another smashing outfit. I was thrilled to see that Philosophy di Alberta Ferretti (Pre-Fall collection) dress again. I would never have purchased a dress like this but it looks amazing on Mary. And the way she style it with that flower earrings from Jewlscph and the way her hair is roll-up in a hairdo. It is one of my absolute favourite hairdo's -so classy, elegant and chic at the same time. Once again she was wearing her golden Orit Elhanati necklace, a Marianne Dulong and Shamballa Jewels bracelets. The diamond rings from Ole Lynggaard Copenhagen are some we have seen a million times before, but I never get tired of their beauty. I have praised them before and I will gladly do it again if necessary. I am sure these jewellery were not the first ones you noticed, I didn't. My eyes were immidietly drawn to her black pearl bracelet worn on her left arm. A closer look conformed my guess; it is a Monies by Gerda Lynggaard bracelet. Both Ralph Lauren (SS2011) sandals and Naledi Copenhagen clutch were in the same magnificent beige colour and both made of exotic leather.

Dress: Philosophy di Alberta Ferretti Multicolor Printed Shift Dress
Earrings: Jewlscph D2019 Flower Earrings
Necklace: Orit Elhanati The Abyss necklace
Bracelet: Monies
Bracelet: Marianne Dulong Piccolo Bracelet w. Spinel
Bracelet: Shamballa Jewels Royal Bracelet w. Argyle White Diamond Pavé
Rings: Ole Lynggaard Copenhagen Love Bands ring
Clutch: Naledi Copenhagen Brushed Ostrich Clutch
Shoes: Ralph Lauren Lizard Leather Sandal

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