Convention on the Rights of the Child

Thursday, November 20th

Crown Princess Mary visited the Danish refugees school Løjtegårds school in Kastrup on occasion of the United Nations Children's Conventions celebrating 25th anniversary of the Convention on the Rights of the Child

On the occasion of the UN Children's Convention celebrates 25th anniversary of the Convention on the Rights of the Child that Mary visited the Danish refugees school Løjtegards school in Kastrup. Mary arrived to Løjtegards school in a really good mood. She was warmly welcomed by many of the schools pupils. During her visit she had plenty of time to talk with several of the children who were more than thrilled to say hello to a real princess. One of the classes had completely transformed their classroom so that it looked like a refugee tent because of this very special occasions. It was a great surprise and the Crown Princess was very impressed about the work they had done. From what I see in the pictures, I believe it was a great day for all of them. It seemed to me like Mary had all the time in the world with these kids.

Well... maybe not what I had in mind. Not that a cardigan and a pair of black trousers aren't good but this new black and white piece doesn't really make anything easer for me. I hope the relatively cold and windy weather is the reason why she has chosen to wear it. Thought the cardigan is not in my taste you still deserve to know who designed it. Sophie is the one who identified it as BA&SH, a French design we haven't seen Mary wear anything from yet (at least not what I am aware of). To me it looks like she was wearing a pair of black ankle boots but I have no good picture that can confirm my suggestion. Something I know for sure is who designed the silver chain necklace. Charlotte Lynggaard did. These necklaces and small penguins are made in collaboration with the Children's Foundation and the money goes to support at water project in Africa. I am really eager to hear your thoughts on this one. 

Necklace: Charlotte Lynggaard My Friend Necklace

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