Loneliness on the agenda

Thursday, September 11th

Crown Princess Mary attended the opening of Community as a National Cause organized by Ældre Sagen. 

With the opening of Community as a National Cause, it is time to talk about loneliness among elderly people, especially those who are on their own. Aiming to fight agains loneliness and social isolation, the same as the Mary Foundation work for among children and young people, Ældre Sagen has organized this conference. It was Bjarne Hastrup, CEO of Ældre Sagen, and the sweetest flower girl who kindly welcomed the Crown Princess at the arrival. 

What I have managed to find out about her participations, is that she gave a very strong and emotional opening speech talking about some of the consequences of loneliness and social isolation. Another one attending and who gave a speech was the Danish Social Minister Manu Sareen. Just like Mary, he was given a laud and long applause. As Mary has talked about consequences in her speech a little earlier, was the topic discussed later on. I really hope a conference like this will be able to find solutions, at least some, that will work in real life to reduce the numbers of lonely elderly.

Even though sun has returned to Denmark and it feels more like summer than soon autumn, Mary had chosen to wear the most incredible fall colours. The black jacket from MaxMara is a reuse and we have seen her in it countless times on many different occasions before this one. In fact it goes all the way back to 2004, but we have not seen it for quite some years, until now. Previous times she has worn the jacket could be here, here and here. When did she wear it better? The skirt, however, is brand new and is from Heartmade (Pre-autumn 2014). Absolutely love the rusty colour and the fact that it's lace. The combo with the plain black jacket and a more feminine skirt, simply looks great! 

Mary accessorized her fall outfit with a black Carlend Copenhagen, a pair of black leather SAND Copenhagen pumps and ball earrings from Jewlscph. Another thing I noticed is the new brooch. Kate managed to find it on Ebay, but with no real designer on it. Keeping everything absolutely beautiful her hair looked all stunning. So simple, yet smashing! Unbelievable who much one single bobby pen can do. 

Jacket: MaxMara Structured Zip-Up Blazer
Skirt: Heartmade A lace skirt
Earrings: Jewlscph
Clutch: Carlend Copenhagen Vanessa
Shoes: SAND Copenhagen


  1. I believe I finally found this jacket. It is from Max Mara. :)


    1. I think you are absolutely right :) Thanks for sharing your finding with me!