Attending the opening of KFUM's Soldiers Recreation

April, 4th

Crown Princess Mary attended the opening of KFUM's SoldiersRecreation (KFUMs SoldaterRekreation) in Høvelte as patron of KFUM's Soldiers Mission (KFUMs Soldatermission)

KFUM's Soldiers Mission & KFUM's SoldiersRecreation
KFUM soldiers mission began all the way back in 1889 in Copenhagen where the first solders home were established. Because of the effect from world war I and world war II, like the cold war in the period after 1943, the means to help soldiers are needed more than every before. The KFUM soldiers home's are where they are needed, when they are needed. Crown Princess Mary has been patron of KFUM's Soldiers Mission since 2012. If you are interested in reading more about their story, you find it here

Mary has chosen her patronages carefully. Most of them, is about making a difference for people. Help them whether it's with a mental illness or to recover from a life after having been stationed abroad as soldier. And that is exactly what she was doing yesterday because Mary is patron of KFUM's Soldiers Mission which has a quite long history that goes back to 1889. Right since the Soldiers Mission has helped Danish soldiers both before and after a mission. We all know that such missions, may cause permanent damage, physically and/or mentally, which is also going to affect the relatives. Mary attended to officially open 9 new KFUM SoldiersRecreation homes in Høvelte. In a great mood she arrived, at 4:00 pm. local time, to Høvelte and was warmly welcomed by among others the sweetest flower boy who handed over a bouquet. I'm sure both Frederik and Mary have closely followed the process of these nine new recreation home because with their fund, Crown Prince Frederik and Crown Princess Mary's fund, they have economically supported the project. Along with the city's mayor and Danish Defense Minister Nicolai Wammen, Mary was given a guided tour around the premises to see for herself what her and her husband have been supporting. She seemed very impressed of what she saw. During the opening of the new recreation homes, a new artwork created by Lina Mural Jardorf was revealed of course by Mary as the guest of honor. 

Despite the calendar says April, it is still quite windy and cold in Denmark. This time a year we usually see her in bare legs but because of the weather she chose to wear black tights. Very understandable. To keep warm she was dressed in a matching dress and coat from Prada, in the same wonderful fabric featuring some lovely details. Even though we have seen both dress and coat several times before, I love to get to see her wear it again. Matching suits gets my heart beating. The shape is pretty classic and the fabric 60s like. She wore it the first time at the opening of the parliament in 2010 when she was expecting the twins, a year later at a Egnum conference in 2011 and then in 2012 when she attended the opening of the project Verdens Flygtninge. Differently something I hope to see again one day. Beautifully she wore a pair of new, stunning, pointed pumps found at Lanvin. They feature a bow at each shoe which is really lovely. In the same navy blue colour she accessorized her look with a Quidam clutch. Besides that, we only saw a few jewelleries -earrings from Hartmann's and a Shamballa Jewels bracelet with the pink diamond ball as pendant. As the queen of classy outfits, I think this is one of the most stylish outfits we have seen for quite a while. 

Earrings: Hartmann's
Coat: Prada
Dress: Prada
Clutch: Quidam  Grey Calfskin Clutch
Bracelet: Shamballa Jewels Royal Bracelet w. Argyle Pink Diamond Pavé
Shoes: Lanvin Grosgrain-trimmed €495

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