Copenhagen Fashion Summit 2014 & Day of Research

Thursday, April 24th

Crown Princess Mary attended Copenhagen Fashion Summit 2014 and Day of Research later the same day in Aalborg.

Program: Copenhagen & Aalborg
  • 10:00 am. Crown Princess Mary attended the official opening of the conference Copenhagen Fashion Summit 2014 which took place in the Opera in Copenhagen. 
  • 1:30 pm. Crown Princess Mary attended as patron handed over the Research Communication Award 2014 (Forskningskommunikationsprisen 2014) on occasion of the official opening of the Day of Research 2014 in Aalborg. 
Copenhagen Fashion Summit 
With over 1,200 participants Copenhagen Fashion Summit is the largest event on sustainable fashion in the world. The summit is a nonprofit event organized by Danish Fashion Institute on behalf of Nordic Fashion Association. In 2009 and 2012 has Copenhagen Fashion Summit been held in Copenhagen, Denmark. You find more information on the summit here

Day of Research / Forskningens Døgn 2014
Since 2005 we have had Day of Research / Forskningens Døgn which is a national science festival with about 65,000 participants every year. Here science is communicated through lectures, exhibition, debates and examples which are organized by among others universities and research institutions. Crown Princess Mary is patron of Day of Research. Read more here.

Research Communication Award / Forskningskommunikationspris 2014
On the Day of Research is the Research Communication Award presented and given to that Danish researcher who has been able to disseminated her or his research and knowledge to a wide audience. The receiver also get DKK 100.000. Read more here.

Crown Princess Mary attending the opening of Copenhagen Fashion Summit 2014
Photo @Agnés Colbert
Because of the opening of the world famous Copenhagen Fashion Summit 2014, Mary began her day early by attending the official opening the summit which took place in the Opera, Copenhagen, right across the dock of Frederik VIII's Palace where, as you know, Frederik and Mary lives with their four wonderful children and family dog Ziggy. She crossed the water in a small barge and arrived as a true Crown Princess to the marvelous Opera House where she was kindly welcomed by CEO of the Danish Fashion Institute Eva Kruse. The two women have met a several events one of them the day before the opening when Frederik and Mary hosted a dinner for prominent participants taking part in the summit 2014. Like Eva Kruse, attended Economics and the Interior Margrethe Vestager both the dinner at summit the following day. It was with a huge smile on her face she arrived. As guest of honor, Mary entered the stage and gave the opening address. She spoke about the importance of sustainability in the fashion industry and why it's important we are aware of the responsibility we all have. Mary wan't the only one speaking and it was with great interest she listened to the other actors working for and with the sustainable fashion industry. As a Dane, I am honored to have a Crown Princess who advocate sustainability, but it also makes me incredibly happy that a relatively small country like Denmark is world renowned for sustainability. It's great that we are able to attract people from all over the world with our conference. Something I hope we will continue doing. As glad as when she arrived, Mary left the Opera House to attend in Research Day in Aalborg.

Photo @Agnés Colbert
Photo @Agnés Colbert
Photo @Agnés Colbert
Crown Princess Mary attended the Day of Research 2014

Three hours later Mary arrived to Aalborg to attend this years Day of Research 2014 which has been held since 2005 and is a national science festival. The festival each year attracts around 65,000 visitors who learn about science trough lectures, exhibitions and debates, all organized by universities and research institutions. On occasion of Day of Research 2014, which she is patron of, she was about to present Research Communication Award 2014. She was warmly welcomed by the sweetest flower girl handing over a beautiful bouquet of flowers to the Crown Princess. For the second time that day, she entered the stage once again and spoke to open Day of Research 2014. At the same time, Mary announced Anne-Marie Mai from Southern University (Syddansk Universitet) as the as recipient of the Research Communication Award 2014. After all the serious work, open the conference and present today's award, it was time for Mary to have a little fun. Along with an army of  photographers and curious children, she tested among other things her responsiveness. I really think she had a great time trying activities at the conference which was all about science and how to use it. 

Because she began her day attending Copenhagen Fashion Summit 2014 on sustainable fashion  in the Opera House she had to be appropriate dressed. And look at that dress! Mary just know how to attract attention with her outfits. She has attended both previous summits, in 2009 and 2012, and was sustainably dressed in 2012 wearing a Hennes & Mauritz floral dress from one of their conscious collections. When representing the world's largest conference on sustainable fashion I would say it's also expected of her to wear sustainable clothes. As two years ago that is exactly what she did; a custom designed blue and white knee-lenght dress created by Designers Remix. Not something we usually see her wear but I was amazed by its minimalistic design! It is made of sustainable materials except from the zipper: "The only thing not sustainable in the outfit is the zips, so we had to use a recycled one." she told The Guardian during the summit. Her and her new dress really caught everybody's attention. Because it's a little unusual I was surprised but fell in love with it instantly! What do you think? -is it a go or no go. I really like to see her in something new and unexpected as this really was. I differently think Mary can wear such as dress. Because it is custom made I can't show you a picture of the model. She matched the blue and white dress with black accessories -a belt, SAND Copenhagen pumps (not L.K. Bennett as I first thought!), a large shawl to keep her warm and of course the always wonderful black croco Carlend Copenhagen clutch. She shone wearing earrings from Hartmann's and two bracelets from Marianne Dulong and Shamballa Jewels. I can't wait to see that dress again!

Dress: Designers Remix
Earrings: Hartmann's
Clutch: Carlend Copenhagen Vanessa Original Croco DKK 8.500
Bracelet: Marianne Dulong Anello Pearl Bracelet, Big DKK 36.900
Shoes: SAND Copenhagen

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