Find Your Way Day / Find Vej Dag 2014

April, 5th

Crown Prince Frederik and Crown Princess Mary participated in the arrangement Find Your Way Day in Rude skov along with Prince Christian and Princess Isabella. 

Find Your Way Day / Find Vej Dag 2014
At seven different distances, you can alone or in groups take on orienteering at various locations across the country. This day is called 'Denmark's funniest exercise day'. The event is for everyone , young and old, all who loves a day in nature. You find more information here

Who doesn't just love to spend a day outside with your family? Find Your Way Day is the perfect arrangement to have that day with your family and that is exactly what Frederik and Mary did. They participated the event with two of their children, Prince Christian and Princess Isabella, in Rude skov as participants 43 other places in Denmark. The royal family arrived shortly before 1:00 pm. local time, at the time the run was about to start. This year the arrangement is organized in collaboration by Danish Orienteering Federation and the Nordea Foundation. The children seemed full of energy, ready to run and find all the hidden clues. Like any other boy at his age, Christian ran ahead of the rest of his family closely followed by his little sister. Actually it's the first time Mary attend but both in 2012 and 2013 participated Frederik. At his first year, Christian and little Isabella participated along with their father. I think it was amazing to see the family all together. They all seemed to enjoy their day with Find Your Way. 

Because we know running is one of Mar favourite sports activists, I think it was brilliant to see her in a relaxed running outfits. To be able to move effortless the four royal family members were all dressed in sports clothes from several different brands. With the children in the center, Frederik and Mary stayed in the background through the orientation course. As many times before, when the children are around, they get the press' attention. Which is understandable, we do not see them in public that often. This means, not so many good pictures have been published of Mary, making it difficult for me to identify exactly what she's wearing throughout the run. Despite the difficulties, I was actually able to find a photo, enlarge the logo and ID her blue soft shell jacket as Fusion. This is the first time I've every heard about that brand, maybe you do. Many of the models I've found are for men. The one I have linked to is not exactly the same as Mary's but close to despite a few details -front pockets and location of logo which is found on the right side pocket. The logo of her trousers shows Nike but not much to go for when to find them online. The best of luck to you who try. As always you are more than welcome contacting me with your findings. Then she wore, trendy pink sneakers. With her hair in a simple ponytail and a natural makeup, I'm sure Mary enjoyed a day in the woods along with her husband and two wonderful children. I differently wouldn't mind looking like this while running!

Jacket: Fusion Women's S200 Soft Shell Running Jacket $239 (similar)
Trousers: Nike

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