Day 4: A Visit to Mozambique, Africa

November, 12

Program: Dondo
  • 9:00 am. Visit at the Dondo District Hospital
  • 10:15 am. Dondo Community
  • 11:30 am. CleanStar - Novozymes
  • 1:30 pm. Visting the photo exhibition Lives in Reconstruction

Today she wore a typical outfit for a day in Africa. Since she has been visiting Africa the first time years ago it's been more of a tradition for her to wear a Heartmade shirt. Visiting the Dondo hospital and community she was wearing a new, pink printed Heartmade shirt, a pair of grey trousers and ballet flats. Not to mention the large Susanne Juul hat she wore on her head to protection from the african sun. The hat has been identified by RoyalOutfits.  Even though the shirt and hat is from two very different designer their colours match very well. Once again, on her wrist she wore the snake skin Ole Lynggaard Copenhagen bracelet and pink square earrings from Marianne Dulong. Mary carried a light brown Prada bag.

Blouse: Heartmade Print Shirt in Rosa
Bracelet: Ole Lynggaard Copenhagen Sweet Drops Leather Braclets
Earrings: Marianne Dulong
Hat: Susanne Juul
Bag: Prada

At the photo exhibition

Why not try something new like a orange coloured dress from Diane Von Furstenberg? Mary did. It's not often we see her in colours like yellow and now this bright orange. I love when she surprises us with something unexpected! The Diane Von Furstenberg-dress is a tropical and classic wrap dress from the designer. It was found by both Pernille, Kate, RoyalOutfits and Cristina. Thanks to all of you! I would not be able to do this without all of you, of all my heart -Thanks. She kept on the Ole Lynggaard and again she stepped into the brown Jimmy Choo pumps.

Great and unexpected!

Bracelet: Ole Lynggaard Sweet Drops Leather Braclets
Shoes: Jimmy Choo Gilbert in Brown DKK 2,788.00                                     

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