Netwerk: A Project from The Mary Foundation

November, 22

Photo: Agnés Colbert

Crown Princess Mary attended, as patron for the Mary Foundation, the launch of project Netwerk on Falkonergårdens School in Frederiksberg.

What is the Netwerk project about?
Netwerk was established in coloration with Ventilen and the Lauritzen Foundation as the first project to prevent loneliness among young people which has become a bigger problem in Denmark then every seen before. Read more about Netwerk here.


This most be a huge day to Mary, her foundation is about the help young people in Denmark with their new project Netwerk. I really hope it will become a success and help lots of young people and prevent the increase number of them felling lonely. Mary was in a great mood when she arrived to the Falkonergårdens School in Frederiksberg wearing her navy blue SAND (Fall 2012) jacket with black trousers. The jacket has been identified by Pernille. We thank her! The navy blue color is great on her! You might remember the blouse she was wearing underneath the new jacket, well its her old silk Prada blouse from 2005. My sharp eyes noticed that she wore her light blue square Marianne Dulong earrings. She was also wearing a blue ring such as new suede ankle boots thought to be By Larin. A closer look learned me that the two models are not the same -different seams. Still I think her new navy blue boots look simply great to the rest of her outfit. Oh now I almost forgot to mention the black Bottega Veneta handbag she carried over her left arm.

Earrings: Marianne Dulong 
Blouse: Prada
Bag: Bottega Veneta Black Leather Bag

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