Repremiere of "The Snow Queen"

01 December

It is no secret that Queen Margrethe loves to be creative and it is no secret that she loves ballet. Over the years, she has been engaged in numerous ballets. Both in making costumes and scenography. The same happened with the famous "Snow Queen" - a classic Christmas ballet. It had its repremiere in Tivoli on December 1st.

Crown Princess Mary showed up at the premiere accompanied by Princess Isabella, Prince Vincent and Princess Josephine even though it was not part of her official calendar. Of course they all wanted to support their beloved mother-in-law and grandmother. Prince Felix also supported his grandmother with the premiere by showing up.

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I am not sure I will ever been a huge fan of wearing boots with long skirts or dresses. For some years, Mary has done that. Usually, I fall in love with everything she wears and all combinations, but somehow not this one. Nevertheless, I like both boots and outfit.

She matched her new black heeled ankle boots with an old Oscar de la Renta dress. One we first thought was a blouse. It turned out to be completely wrong. I learned about this "little detail" from Heaven. Thanks for making be aware of this. It features some really beautiful details. Like the beaded neckline. She first wore the dress at the inauguration of a new panda plant in April 2019, here. The white JOSEPH coat is also a reuse first worn at a new year reception in 2020, here.

As accessories, Mary had chosen simple white pearl earrings. I think we have seen then before (here), but I have never been able to identify them. We also get a glimpse of her diamond band from Ole Lynggaard Copenhagen. The black leather gloves and black Diane Von Furstenberg clutch are a lovely detail. Their beautiful umbrella's are TIVOLI's own design.


Coat ● JOSEPH, here

Dress ● Oscar de la Renta, here

Ring ● Ole Lynggaard Copenhagen, here

Clutch ● Diane von Furstenberg, here

Umbrella ● TIVOLI, here

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