An (untraditional) Christmas greeting

23 December

Just a few days ago, Crown Princess Mary shared her words on 2021 for the Mary Foundation and their work (here). What they have achieved, worked for, developed. Usually, she also shares a little video with all of us with a Christmas greeting. The same thing happened this year, but in an untraditional way because she recorded her video greeting on her own phone by herself.

The Crown Princess was tested postitive of COVID-19 about 14 days ago, but this did not stop her from making her video.

As in her other greeting, she speaks about hope. Why hope is so important, when and what gives hope. A study of theirs showed a clear result on what gives people hope: that other people reach out and offer their help. With these words, the Crown Princess and I wish you all a wonderful Christmas with a sincere hope that you will enjoy time with loved ones. Merry Christmas!

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