The official Flag Day 2021

05 September

It was all about honoring those lost in battle. Those who fight for a better world and for those families who stand by and give their support on a daily basis. Since 2009, September 5th has been Denmark's official Flag Day. That day we every year honor those in battle and those who have been on a mission for Denmark.

Crown Prince Frederik and Crown Princess Mary have attended Flag Day for several years. On Sunday, they attended a few activities on the occasion of Flag Day. First, they visited Kastellet in Copenhagen to pay their respect with a wreath.

A number of the Danish Government also attended the ceremony at Kastellet and the following church service in Holmens church. The service was part of the honoring the Danish soldiers we lost in battle. It was indeed emotional for the both of them and everybody else attending the service.

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Mary was beautifully dressed at the ceremony at Kastellet and the following church service in Holmens church - which, by the way, is the same church as hosted the christening of Prince Vincent and Princess Josephine. She has chosen to wear one of her old printed dresses from Max Mara. Actually, the dress is a wedding dress. Nevertheless, it is simply stunning and very appropriate for the occasion. It looked really beautiful with that black Prada coat. Also a reuse.

She embraced the style with a fine black straw hat created by Susanne Juul. It featured an added "flower". To match the rest of her outfit, she wore white pearl earrings from Dior. Mary has worn these earrings on so many different occasions and once again, she shows how to wear something most people think are old-fashioned. I love it.

A chunky heel can be a bit clumsy if it is not styled the right way. Yes, they are indeed more comfortable to wear, but not always as elegant as a thin heel. That is my personal opinion. Because of the long black coat, her chunky Jimmy Choo pumps looked super classy. The clutch is Carlend Copenhagen.


Coat ● Prada, here

Dress ● Max Mara, here

Hat ● Susanne Juulhere

Earrings ● Dior

Clutch ● Carlend Copenhagen

Shoes ● Jimmy Choohere

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