Visiting Jonstruplejren

03th May

Yesterday, Crown Princess Mary made a more unofficial visit to Jonstruplejren in Ballerup. At the moment, Jonstruplejren houses soldiers from the Danish Home Guard and personnel from the Danish Emergency Management Agency. It has become a "headoffice" for a COVID-19 hotline, where people can call and get some answers for whatever question they may have about the pandemic. It also works to help track down phone numbers on people infected with the virus.

Around 300 people, both from the Danish Home Guard and civilians, work at the contact tracking unit and Crown Princess Mary met some of them. What the unit does, is to track down Danes infected with the virus and find out more about their close relations. With this knowledge, they are able to track a network on how the virus has spread out.

Paying a visit to the hotline, she was even given the opportunity to follow a call from a citizen reaching out to the hotline.

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Visiting Jonstruplejren in Ballerup, Mary really amazed me with what she was wearing. That navy blue colour is one of my personal favourites. She wears it with such grace and elegance, even thought it is the most relaxed everyday outfit. A closer look made me aware that she wore quite a few brand new pieces of clothes. From Heaven, I learned that her new jumper is a creation from Chloe. Look once again. Did you notice the cuffs? - they have small 'Cs' embroidered. Incredible and beautiful detail. Mary matched her blouse jumper with wide legged trousers and a navy blue wool-blend coat. I really like the different layers of clothes.

She embraced the look with white pearl earrings from Dulong Fine Jewelry. These earrings goes way back in time and as time goes by I think this is her most beloved piece of jewelry. The golden bangle is also a creation from talented Dulong Fine Jewelry and the matching diamond band is from Ole Lynggaard Copenhagen. I have also been able to identify her black face mask. It showed up at Kartó.

I would like to get a better look at her pointed boots. I strongly believe they are ankle boots in a dark blue color or black. With what we have seen so far, I think they are old but I cannot tell more about them at the moment. One day, I need to know the technique to create this hairstyle. It is the most classic "Mary hairstyle" and even after 11-12 years of following her moves, I am still not able to copy it. Any hairdressers out there who can help me?


Blouse ● Chloe, here

Face mask  Kartó, here

Earrings ● Dulong Fine Jewelry

Bracelet ● Dulong Fine Jewelryhere

Ring ● Ole Lynggaard Copenhagenhere


  1. Busy as always and a great style for her today.

    1. Indeed. She is always hardworking and good-looking at the same time :)