21st May

May 22nd is UN's International Biodiversity Day. On that occasion, Crown Princess Mary is launching a new digital project on Instagram called "Together for Nature" (Sammen for Naturen). Bo Øksnebjerg, General Secretary for WWF World Wild Fund for Nature accompanied the Crown Princess for this very special occasion.

The project is really all about gathering people and their joy for nature. The hashtag "ForNaturenWWF" gives people the opportunity to share their own photos of nature. WWF World Wild Fund for Nature encourage people to share a little about where the photo was taken. Every week has its own theme. First theme is named "Forest & Land" (Skov & Land). If any of you Danes would like to participate this wonderful and exciting project that "Together for Nature" is, then you have from May 22 to June 11 to share all our amazing experiences with nature. Read a little more about the project here. Every week one or two photos are highlighted; chosen by a jury - in which the Crown Princess is also part of. Wauw I like this idea!

As President of WWF World Wild Fund for Nature, Crown Princess Mary also share a short statement on occasion of the launching. Her last frase is my favourite. She says: "The more we pay attention to what happens in nature, the more we are willing to take care of it". Let us take care of nature together - it is vitally informant for us in so many ways. Crown Princess Mary also shared a photo of her own with us under the hashtag "ForNaturenWWF" (the third photo embedded).

Sharing a moment with Bo Øksnebjerg, the General Secretary of WWF World Wild Fund for Nature, Mary had chosen the most lovely and relaxed outfit. In many ways it reminds me of her look in an interview with Politikken back in 2004 (here). I know there are not much resemblance in what she is actually wearing, but somehow the atmosphere is kinda the same to me. What do you think? Am I all wrong in this assumption?

She embraced a chic outfit by wearing a brand new pink pinstriped button-down shirt. I strongly believe we have not seen this before, but maybe she has worn it privately. I like that thought. She matched it with a moss green quilted vest from Seeland. A reused vest worn twice before. At the annual Hubertus Hunt in Dyrehaven in 2017 (here) and when the family payed a visit to the Faroe Islands in 2018 (here). So far, I have no idea where to find it. I have not been able to identify it. Jeans topped of her looks perfectly.

Otherwise, there are very little accessories to look for. I see her wearing the golden Cartier bangle and a pair of rubber boots. To me they are new and I believe I was able the find the right model at Le Chameau. I know the color is all wrong.


Vest ● Seeland, here

Bracelet ● Cartier, here

Boots ● Le Chameau, here


  1. Very nice of her to be a patron of the World Wild Life Fund. Very worthy cause.

    1. Indeed it is and I believe the Crown Princess is very proud of this title as President of the WWF World Wild Fund for Nature :)