The equestrian event: Equitours

22nd May

According to Billed Bladet, Crown Princess Mary enjoyed the weekend in Uggerhalne near Aalborg to attend Equitours. Also attending was Princess Benedikte and her daughter Princess Nathalie. Crown Princess Mary was also accompanied by one of her good friends, Malou Skeel. 

The equestrian event took place at Helgstrand Dressage. Looks and sounds like she really had a lovely time in Uggerhalne attending a personal hobby, interest and fascination of hers: horses and horse riding. Something she has practices way more the last six months or even more. She has participated a couple of tournaments and is already high ranking.

We only get a small glimpse of what she was wearing at the equestrian event during the weekend, but we get a "sneak peak". Something with a white collar and maybe a grey jumper? We first saw her wearing the stunning coat, when Mary the 50th anniversary of The New Lillebæltsbro in Middelbart last year in October (here). Back then it was identified as Uniqlo U. More photos from the event revealed that Mary was also wearing jeans to complete her lovely everyday look. 

These new photos also made us aware of that she wore light brown suede boots and a dark brown bag. I guess her boots could be the same pair worn at a swimming competition in Bellehøj in 2016 (here) - an event she attended with her husband. Actually, it was an event in his calendar that she also attended. Another thing about Mary's outfit from at the equestrian event that connected her to Crown Prince Frederik, is that she (apparently) wore one of his caps. Kate made me aware of this. The Crown Princess wore a tweed cap during an official visit to the Faroe Island in 2018 (here). Lovely detail.

Her calendar is packed with many exciting jobs the next couple of weeks, so we have something good to look forward to. What do you look most forward to?


Coat ● Uniqlo U, here


  1. I think I am just looking forward to seeing her out and about instead of on a screen most of the time!
    I like your blog's new look :)

    1. Me too, but I also enjoy these "screen events" :) But of course, it is not the same as when she is out there with the rest of us.

      Thank you very much for your kind words about the new blog design.

      Take care.