"Behind the Community Survey" and "The World Hour"

26 August

Crown Princess Mary started her day by participating the conference "Behind the Community Survey" in Copenhagen. She arrived in a wonderful mood and was welcomed with as much smile and kindness as she brought with her. CEO of the Mary Foundation, Helle Ƙstergaard was one of the people welcoming the Crown Princess.

'Behind the Community Survey' is a survey that goes behind the report "Community Survey" from 2017. This year the survey was developed and carried out by TrygFonden, the Mary Foundation and VIVE with 78 participants. The conference aimed to focused on social exclusion in relation to the survey and its findings.

As Crown Princess and front woman for the Mary Foundation, the Crown Princess entered the stage and gave a speech - a speech that (apparently) caught everybody's attention. Both press and other participants were astonished by her words. The Mary Foundation shared her speech for your to read it, here. They also shared pictures from the event as embedded below.

A couple of hours later Crown Princess Mary attended another event at the City Hall in Copenhagen. Here she attended the launch of the annual event 'The World Hour'. It works with getting children and young people to learn about UN's world goals. More specifically, about sustainable development.

Along with two school classes from Randersgades School the Crown Princess watched a number of speeches etc. on how to spread the word about the 17 world goals in both primary and secondary schools all over Denmark. Both the Crown Princess and all the attending children really seemed to enjoy themselves during the event at Copenhagen City Hall. The day ended with singing and pancakes.

Kongehuset Kongehuset ● Det Danske Kongehuset ● Billed Bladet ● Billed Bladet ● Frederik et Mary ● Frederik et Mary ● Daily Mail

During the day, Mary was beautifully dressed in one of her reused Hennes & Mauritz dresses. When she first wore it at the opening of Copenhagen Fashion Summit 2019, here, I was not really into the dress. The color is difficult to wear and it did not really look at good on her. I do not what what you had thought when she first wore the dress, but I was not a huge fan. Somehow Mary managed to change my mind when wearing the Hennes & Mauritz dress a second time. It looks all different without the (heavy looking) black blazer.

She embraced the style with pointed python pumps from Gianvito Rossi. A pair of shoes she has worn on several different occasions. My personal favorite outfit matched with these python pumps, is when she was interviewed for Eurowoman in 2016, here. That was one **** of a look.

As other accessories Mary wore a couple of bracelets from both Cartier and Dulong Fine Jewelry. Among others she showed up wearing a brand new golden bracelet from Dulong Fine Jewelry and from that same designer, an old diamond ring. The other ring is from Ole Lynggaard Copenhagen's Love Bands Collection, but I can not tell for sure which one she wore. Its stones confuses me. I was able to get confirmed that her rather new earrings are from Danish Sophie Bille Brahe. The necklace is from Nadia Shelbaya. The bag is from Prada and goes way back as part of her wardrobe.

Dress  Hennes & Mauritz, here
Earrings ● Sophie Bille Brahe, here
Necklace ● Nadia Shelbaya, here
Bracelets  Cartier, here
Bracelet ● Dulong Fine Jewelry, here
Bracelet ● Dulong Fine Jewelry, here
Ring ● Dulong Fine Jewelry, here
Ring ● Ole Lynggaard Copenhagen, here
Bag  Prada, here
Shoes  Gianvito Rossi, here


  1. I adore the Crown Princess's style, but sadly I am not too fond of this particular dress. It's too fussy for me with the uneven hemline, ruched waist, long cuffs etc. I am happy to see such a summery repeat and Mary looks well rested and beautifully put together. The delicate green/gold necklace along with the Elhanati abyss chain she often wears are gorgeous, her jewellery in general is so elegant and never detracts from an outfit. I agree that the Eurowoman 2016 look was fantastic! I loved the refined colour palette and the relatable wardrobe staples of the white silk blouse and navy slim cut trousers. The 2nd Day sleeveless blazer gave the ensemble a sense of drama, it was minimalist perfection.

    Your blog is an absolute joy! Many thanks for all your hard work!! I've been reading here for years and thought that it was time to start commenting.

    1. First of all: thanks for reading. It is a true pleasure to hear that you enjoy what I do. Make it worth doing it.

      What she wore attending the conference is a bit tricky. I get you on that part. Either you love it or hate it because of the significant colour and print. By wearing the same dress over and over again, she shows how different one dress can be style depending on how it's accessorized. A thing I love about the Crown Princess.

      ... and please, continue commenting in the future ;)

  2. I quite like this dress. I think it looks better with the lighter accessories of shoes and beautiful Prada bag. She always dresses to suit the occasion that she's attending.
    This is a great blog - I always look forward to updates.

    1. I totally agree with you :) The nude shoes and handbag makes the dress stand out. The black blazer worn the first time made it look a bit clumsy, but not this time.

  3. I really like the dress, the accessories are perfect, but the Prada bag I love. She always looks so well groomed and impeccably dressed to suit the occasion. I have only just found your blog and am loving it I have learned so much xx From Australia

    1. I am glad you found your way to my blog and I hope you will enjoy being part of my little royal fashion world ;)