Day 3. Business and cultural promotion in Texas

13 March

Crown Princess Mary already enjoyed two days in both Austin and Houston, Texas.

The finial day has come. In the morning she arrived to attend the launch of a health care collaboration between Texas and Denmark. It took place at Texas Medical Center. That is the world's largest hospital with more than 100,000 employees working with leading treatment programs. Multiple opportunities to collaborate was discussed as part of the launch. The Crown Princess also got a chance to meet with CEO of Texas Medical Center, William McKeon.

A couple of hours later, Crown Princess Mary arrived to attend the conference CERAWeek about energi. Several Danish companies participated the conference along with the Crown Princess. At CERAWeek solutions were shared and discussed by all the participating companies, scientists, politicians, etc. The Crown Princess also entered the stage herself and held a speech.

In the afternoon, she attended the opening of 'Statecraft: Selections from the Jewelry Collection of the Danish Arts Foundation' at Houston Center for Contemporary Crafts. The exhibition shows a unique collection from the Danish Arts Foundation from mid 20th century till today.

From what I see, it looks like the Crown Princess really enjoyed her last day. From early morning till late afternoon she was one big smile. My guess is that she had some wonderful days in Texas. About a month from now she is joined by her husband on a trip to South Korea. I already look forward to another trip abroad.

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I have been surprised over and over again during her stay in Texas. She has worn so many incredible and stylish outfits from the very first day. Lots of new pieces of clothes and old goodies. Taking a look at her last-day-outfit I have to go with this as my favourite. Love the match of colours, silhouettes and textures. Mary embraced the style by wearing a brand new dotted blouse and a fitted light blue pencil skirt. Heaven managed to identified the new blouse as Munthe. Think it got a cool 70s vibe featuring puffed sleeves. Heaven also found Mary's new blue skirt. She identified it as Hugo Boss (collection: BOSS). This I am crazy about. Wish I had one myself. Looks really great with the light fabric blouse.

This is one of the most complete outfits I think we have seen in a very long time. She looks comfortable and confident. The accessories also matched with great perfection. Mary styled her look with matching Pomellato earrings and a ring in gold with blue stones. Smashing. I also see a golden Cartier bangle and a Dulong Fine Jewelry bracelet. The two other ones are troubling. Let me know what you think. Quidam is the designer of her beautiful leather clutch. Time has proved that Prada created those incredible pumps. Mary won my heart with this outfit.


Blouse  Munthe, here
Skirt  Hugo Boss, here
Earrings  Pomellato
Bracelet  Cartier, here
Clutch  Quidam
Shoes  Prada

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