Visiting the Children's House SIV

Tuesday, December 1st

Crown Princess Mary visited the Children's House SIV in Farum on her own request. 1

I am not completely sure when the Crown Prince couple and their four children are leaving Denmark to celebrate Christmas in Australia along with her family, but it is actually going to happen. This will be the first time in 11 years she is about to spend Christmas with her Australian family.

Before it is time for the family to go to Australia for Christmas, the Crown Princess had one last job to attend back in Denmark. She visited the Children's House SIV, here, in Farum. The initiative is her own and the request as well. It goes a year back when she handed over the Cancer Society Honorary Award in February 2014, here. She showed great interest in the place and wanted to see how the children's house works in everyday. So, the Crown Princess arrived at exactly 10:30 am. At the arrival she was warmly welcomed by Sussi Olsen, head of the Children's House SIV, and Board member Berit Torm. During the visit she was given a guided tour around the house and see for herself how the house is furnished to adapt the children's individual needs. Literally, she was everywhere -talking, chatting, sitting at tables, playing with the kids on the floor and attended a sining game. The sining part is an important part of the process for the children, because one would like to do as much as possible to help the sick children develop skills, done by play and interaction with other children. This is really what the Children's House SIV is all about -to give seriously ill children and their families the best possibilities during at rough time in their lives.

At this last visit before going with the rest of her family to Australia, she showed up wearing a beautiful and chic everyday outfit. Mary was dressed in some good old pieces worn at several other occasions. I sense much confusion about when and where she has worn these pieces before. So, now I have to try to convince you that I'm right. The first time Mary dazzled in that Etoile Isabel Marant knitted jacket was in 2014 when she visited Herlev Hospital to hand over the Child Heart Foundation's Scholarship, here. Like in 2014, she wore the jacket with a knitted skirt. This has now been identified by Kate as a Hugo Boss design. If you got a moment, then take a look at the beautiful kitted pattern. Absolutely smashing. She beautifully embraced the style by wearing black tights and suede Prada boots. I have a similar pair myself and they are perfect for this time a year. With red nails and Marianne Dulong jewellery she completely won my heart with this outfit. A great idea for a different autumn outfit. Differently something I am going to try out myself.

Jacket: Etoile Isabel Marant Purple Ariana collarless jacket
Skirt: Hugo Boss Black Knitted A-line Skirt
Earrings: Marianne Dulong Aqua Earrings
Necklace: Marianne Dulong Roxy Mega Pendant
Boots: Prada

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