"The Christmas Seal Home - The Fight for a Good Childhood"

Monday, October 26th

Off record, Crown Princess Mary visited the Christmas Seal Home 'Kildemose' as the patron of the Christmas Seal Foundation, here.

And now this show up one and a half month later. The Crown Princess has been visiting one of the Christmas Seal Home's back in October. Her visit was recorded and made into a documentary, which was broadcasted this evening. We follow Emma-Sophie, Laura and Lucas who have all been fighting to change bad old habits. This is why three children are staying at Kildemose: to rebuild faith, learn about good eating habits and loose weight. Laura also struggles with low self-esteem after years of bullying. We hear how the Christmas Seal Home's and the Christmas Seal Foundation try to help children with their problems and give them the tools to become a better version of themselves. Let them know that they are appreciate and worth as much as everyone else.

During the visit, she gave all her attention to the children. She was all ears, when visiting the children at Kildemose. With great emotions and pride for what they have already achieved, the children told her their stories. After 50 minutes I was just as emotional as the Crown Princess. What courage to share ones story, battles and bad habits on national TV? Not many would do that in the age of 10-12.

Photo @Agn├ęs Colbert
I love the fact that this was a more private and unofficial visit. Makes the children feel more comfortable. It also gives us an unexpected outfit. She wore a mix and match of old goodies. All in lovely neutral colours. Today we start from the button. Mostly because these shoes are still a mystery. I haven't solved it yet, but maybe with your help. She has worn the boots before. You see a close-up above from an previous occasion in 2014 when she attended the Eurovision Song Contest with Prince Christian and Princess Isabella, here. Gianvito Rossi has been on my mind right from the beginning. Then I found a similar pair, but still something just not matched. Do you have any ideas where to look? In the meantime, I was able to identify her new grey wool blazer. Ralph Lauren popped up and there it was. Have a feeling that her grey turtleneck could be from the same designer as well. Take a look and let me know what you think. To me they look quite similar. One more thing I just have to mention is her hair. Looks all beautiful such as the rest of the outfit. I find Mary's outfit very inspirational. Can't wait to try it myself. Think about it; think how easy an outfit this is. A turtleneck, trousers, ankle boots and a blazer.

Blazer: Ralph Lauren Herringbone Wool Leigh Jacket

Ideas for identification
Blouse: Ralph Lauren Cashmere Turtleneck

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