The Crown Princess Mary obsession #9

We are so close to Christmas eve. My most loved evening of them all. Each day I am getting more and more excited. Everything about Christmas is wonderful I think. Another thing I am very excited about is the fact that I am going to share the next obsession post in line. Today I take you to California to meet the one and only Royal Watcher. A wonderful woman I have know for about a new and she is the most dedicated royalist I have met in a very long time. And she is in love with Crown Princess Mary's style as much as the rest of us. Her interest began in Great Britain, but travelled all the way to Denmark.

Royal Watcher introduced her three page email like this: "My obsession with Crown Princess Mary started in 2011 just before the weeding of Prince William and Kate Middleton. Full disclosure: I have been a royal watcher all my life; however, my interest was mainly in the British royal family. I'm a "student" of history first; however, one cannot help but be drawn into the intrigue of the live of royals, especially, present day royalty when the information is everywhere -at our fingertips, really. However, I digress. I first learned about the Crown Princess when a soft news outfit compared the current Duchess of Cambridge to the Crown Princess of Denmark. It truly piqued my interest and began my research. Granted, the outfit had compared the fashion choices and much more of both women but I was not drawn to the crown princess because of her fashion choices." Catherine the Duchess of Cambridge, has taken the world by storm. She is loved by everyone no matter of age, gender and nationality. She amazed the world from the second she married Prince William. Despite the dark brown hair, Catherine and Mary are two very different women living in two very different countries.
Another thing that caught her attention was her story. The story that we all love and adore: "I was intrigued because of her story. I had not known at the time of Crown Prince Fredrik and I soon learn that he had married a “commoner" named Mary Elizabeth Donaldson. My research began in earnest when I read the little said about her background and when I tried to find a book about her there was but one. It was published many years prior and could only be acquired as “used” for quite a sum."

RW's favourite hat worn by the Crown Princess
It was when Royal Watcher began her search to find much more about this "new" Crown Princess of Denmark that she discovered a blog that was a little different than all the others: "It was then that I started to research blogs and I came across much that was written about the Crown Princess that was negative, but this blog “StyleofMary” did not. Granted it did not give a lot of information about the Crown Princess but it was enough as what was out there in the blogosphere left a lot to be desired. Suffice it to say, I have been reading “StyleofMary blog every day, ever since." She goes on: "The crown princess’ story was an intriguing one. A middle-class lady, who followed her heart and had the strength of her convictions to say “yes’ to moving to the other side of the world; to take on a life style steeped in tradition, centuries old and one filled with protocol that is not a choice but a way of life. This all so very different from what she probably experienced as an employee of an advertising firm but she was up to the challenge. It does not take a lot to deduce that the crown princess is someone who is driven; is determined to make a difference and more importantly, to succeed. It is my opinion, that despite the challenge, the crown princess has shown beyond the shadow of a doubt that she is up to the task. She will one day become Queen, yet another challenge before her, but she has shown that she can rise to the occasion--come what may."

The one and only favourite evening gown
"This is deliberate, as “Style of Mary’ does not present the crown princess as a “clothes horse”; but as a royal with a keen sense of what is expected of her, in her role as crown princess, wife, mother and someone on the world stage, who can use her influence to good effect. What is so special about Mary is perseverance to make a difference: "She has many patronages as most royals do in this world where republicanism is very real and royals must prove their worth and seem to always vie for publicity, deserved or not. I say this, because, I had not known of the crown princess until four years ago, however, she has been fighting for women and girls health from the early days of her marriage. Her name is not all over the English-speaking world, (I live in North America), and nevertheless she continues to fight for poor women and girls in third world nations who suffer untold abuse and the disadvantaged in society." With her personality, she gained the Danes trust and with perfection she is now able to represent Denmark. "I feel she knows that it is not about her, but about the fact that she can effectively use her status to bring attention to such abuses and to the disadvantaged. Therefore, the crown princess in her role as representative of the Danish Monarchy dresses well; she rarely if ever have a fashion faux pas and having said that, I think that the office of crown princess is not mainly about fashion." "Being appropriately dressed is part of being a princess, as it is part of being a “first lady” or an executive in a large corporation. The crown princess wears classic pieces that she brings back time and again –one can learn about mixing and matching from the crown princess as she reuses different pieces from past seasons that she teams with new coordinating piece to create a new look. "

"She hired a stylist because I think she understood from day one that how you present yourself matters, no matter your job. I most admire her attention to detail which many would like to emulate as we see this play out in the crown princess’s style and deportment. As regards her style, I greatly admire how she is always impeccably pulled together; all the elements that go together to make any outfit regardless of occasion are always coordinated and her assemble well suited for the event. Her hair perfectly coiffed; her make-up flawless and accessories perfectly coordinated." Isn't it what we all think? 

Elegant, classy and feminine. Royal Watcher's most beloved suit.
With this picture I want to thank all of you for giving me the pleasure to share your stories. It was been wonderful for me to hear, write and read your stories. This was the last post; no more left. But I am always on the look for new stories. So, do not hesitate to contact me if you would like to share your story with the rest of us.

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