A Women Deliver event in Copenhagen

Tuesday, September 1st

Crown Princess Mary attended a preparing event with Women Deliver taking place in in the Foreign Ministry, Copenhagen. The Women Deliver 2016 conference is hosted by Denmark next year in May.

The Crown Princess was also invited by Project Everyone to raise a flag as part of the 17 UN global goals.

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Women Deliver is leading in the discussion about girls' and women's rights, well-being and health. They bring voiced together from all over the world to drive progress sexual, maternal, health and rights. They believe that an investment in girls and women benefits the rest of the world. Next year in May Denmark hosts the annual Women Deliver conference with Crown Princess Mary as patron. More than 100 organizations and companies will be gathered to attend the conference. Around 2 pm. the Crown Princess arrived to Christianshavn, in Copenhagen, to raise a flag with the text "5 Gender Equality" featuring the symbol of men and women. The number 5 stands for UN's 17 global goals. Goal number 5 = equality. The Women Deliver conference is the largest in the world to take care of girl's and women's rights, health and well-being. Clearly, these are still issues we need handle. I my opinion the Crown Princess is the perfect spooks person for the Women Delivers missions, goals and visions. Her work with, among others, the Mary Foundation, other national and international organizations; she has lots of knowledge to share. The Crown Princess has been working with violence, human rights, poverty etc. All of this could be some of the reasons why she want to be a part of Women Deliver. Because Women Deliver is an international organization with global attention, the Crown Princess gave a speech in English with a smile on her lips but also with a strength in her voice to make it clear how important it is to pursue these 17 goals.

After raising the "5 Gender Equality"-flag, the Crown Princess along with many others, participated the Women Deliver 2016 Conference inspiration meeting in Eigtveds Pakhus -a part of the Foreign Ministry. Here she also gave a speech. Apparently, the Crown Princess described Women Deliver as "a game changing forum". And that is really what it is.

Standing there in her creamy white WILLOW dress and high Christian Louboutin pumps, everybody listened to hear her claim and solid voice when she held the speech. Immediately, I recognized her fitted dress; a dress purchased in Australia on a official visit there back in 2013, here. The reused beige Christian Louboutin pumps gave her outfit a classy and stylish touch. A polish look with not a single disturebans. As other accessory she had chosen to wear a pair of white pearl earrings from Marianne Dulong, seen at multiple other occasions such as with the golden twisted Orit Elhanati necklace. Looking more closely I realized that she was also wearing a ring which we have seen before, but a piece I have never been able to identify. The style reminds me of Ole Lynggaard Copenhagen, but I do not know anything for sure. Mary also wore a brand new Marianne Dulong bracelet, as well as one from Charlotte Wæhrens. When attending the inspiration meeting with Women Deliver later on, she appeared with the lovely brown Ralph Lauren bag. I know I'll never be able to afford one myself, but I would really like to have something similar. 

Earrings: Marianne Dulong
Necklace: Orit Elhanati The Abyss Necklace
Bracelet: Marianne Dulong Grand Pacific
Bracelet: Charlotte Wæhrens Rainbow Bracelet w. Saphires
Bag: Ralph Lauren Soft Ricky Bag
Shoes: Christian Louboutin Decollete 100mm Leather Pumps in Beige

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