5 years with Style of Mary!

Time is running so fast. I can't believe how fast everything goes. I have the feeling I started the blog a month ago and now five years are already gone. Every day I'm so grateful for everything Style of Mary has given me; the most amazing friendships, the opportunity to work on a daily basis with something I love of all my heart. Through the blog I learn things every single day. Five years ago, I never ever imagined that I would be able to create a blog like this and with such success. All this is thanks to you. Style of Mary wouldn't have been the same without all of you. You give me the courage to keep on going, even though it's hard sometimes with all the other royal blogs out there. Your support have brought me this far. When I first got the idea to create a blog about Crown Princess Mary, it was clear to me that I would create a space where to meet and share thoughts, opinions, ideas and of course passion. My blog was not suppose to be like every other, I would like to give my readers a completely new and different experience visiting my site. I hope I have been able to actually do this. Any interact with you should be personal and individual. I've been so lucky to get to know many of you such as being a part of your life. What I want, is for you to enjoy Style of Mary. Let it be a place where you relax your mind with magnificent evening gowns, fantastic hairstyles, lovely pictures, royal history and share your thought about all this. I celebrate Style of Mary's fifth birthday with lots of pride and a large piece of cake! Sweet, sweet readers the only thing I wish this birthday, which is to share many more years with you. Thanks for all the amazing memories we have had together. Thanks for all you give me. 

Make it a wonderful day.

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