Birthday party at Valdemar castle

On September 19th, 180 people were invited to Caroline Fleming's 40th birthday party at Valdemar Castle on the island of Funen. The former Baroness had planned a fantastic evening for her guests, who were invited to a birthday party with fairy tale as theme. This means most of the guests were dressed wearing tiaras, angel wings and shimmering masks. When day become night, Valdemar Castle was transformed into a magical palace illuminated by candlelights. With light all over the house I'm sure everyone invited were ready to have a wonderful evening. Former Baroness Caroline Fleming is a popular woman and is a close friend of Mary's. According to several sources Mary also attend the party as one of three royal guest. In the afternoon Prince Joachim and his wife Princess Marie arrived to Valdemar Castle in their black car, ready to take part in the party in the evening. A few pictures were taken of the couple and when the party began they were photographed outside the castle along with the birthday girl -Princess Marie in a black gown and black wings in contrast to many others who wore white angel wings. But still no pictures of our Crown Princess, then I assumed she might not be there anyway. Well, Caroline and Mary are really close friends so I think it would be a little odd if she wound't be at her 40 years birthday. After all, it is a pretty special day. At the beginning of this week I read that Mary was present, but wasn't photographed outside with Caroline as Marie and Joachim, but still we had no prove she was there. But then a photo appeared on Caroline Flemming's Instagram profile  of herself given a welcome speech to her guests and wupti, Mary is sitting only one chair from her. I see Mary looking great with a sense of fairy tale make-up. Pernille was actually able to identify the dress Mary was wearing at the birthday. It is a dress we have seen 11 years ago, yes you heard me 11 years ago in a special, and very romantic interview in Vogue. When you see the picture of her from the interview, do you recognize the dress? A stunning fairy tale gown. Not to mention how overwhelmingly the room was decorated with candles, special designed angel wings, red flowers, candelabras and branches. All this was done by Bjarne Als from Bering House of Flowers. I think he did an amazing job with the decorations.

Dress: Vogue 2004

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