The Crown Princess Mary obsession #7

I realized it has been a while since my last Crown Princess Mary obsession-post and I still got a few left to share with you. Remember, you are always welcome to write your story to me. I would love to be the one to share it.

It is an honor for me to write this post because the woman has become a very good friends of mine. We have shared so much the past three years. We have had so much fun identifying Mary's clothes and accessories. She is just a very special woman. This woman is about to be married next year on the date of May 14th -yes the same day as Crown Prince Frederik and Crown Princess Mary. How crazy is that? I'm so lucky to follow the preparing and she is going to be a true princess. She is Lurdes and is the owner of Tesouras & Tiaras which have become a great success. All of this and much more she will be talking about on her own right below. 

"Well, I'm a huge fan of royalty since I can remember. There have always been magazines and books on the subject in my house and my mother also loves to know the latest news related to the crowned heads of the world." Is there any better way to start? I don't think so. Lurdes always has an answer when you ask her about royalty. She follows, by her blog Tesouras & Tiaras and Facebook page with the same name, the worlds royals. You can ask her about anything that's on your mind and she will be able to give your an answer or find one.

Any reason why you in the first place chose to follow Crown Princess Mary?
"In my opinion she is one of the working royals on the job." Lurdes especially admire her work with the Mary Foundation: "I find her action on Mary Fonden remarkable. Her job and service on Women's rights and War refugees is something to learn and admire. And that's exactly what a royal position should allow. For someone to get the opportunity to be heard, to be known and do something, give some hope to any society and culture." The royal's work is something Tesource & Tiaras write a lot about, but there are also space to: "... truly love her beautiful family, and her fashion sense!"

How her fascination of Mary began is not clear, but: "I remember seeing some pictures of her when she started dating Frederik and I remember admiring her normal woman's look. When the engagement was announced, the interest increased." Mary caught everybody's attention very quickly, even when she was just a normal woman living in Australia. There is just something special about her.

Please, tell us about your Mary-hobby?
"It started early, when she got married." "In Portugal," where Lurdes live " from Denmark were rare at the time and the internet was not accessible to as it is now. An interesting fact is that Mary and Frederik married the day before my older sister and I was not able to follow their marriage with attention, nor how to do it. But I bought the HOLA edition with the event coverage." A thing Lurdes remember from the wedding is Mary's wedding gown, how different it was: "... I remember thinking that Mary's  dress was the most different royal gown I have memory. Still is." "When I try to imagine my style, and find some one to inspire me, that person is Mary!"

Lurdes entered the University and for her it became easier to follow Mary's footsteps during her official life: "She quickly became my favorite princess in beautify, style and work." "I can't say I'm obsessed with her, but let's say I see her as an excellent representative of the institution in which she operates, and as one of the most elegant women of the royalty world." 

"No better hat, clutch & gloves match!" according to Lurdes

Would you like to tell a little more about your own blog?
"My interest in royalty made me in 2012 started my blog Tesouras & Tiaras, which came to join my community on Facebook under the same name. One of the first posts I did, was actually about by admiration for Mary." "I never hide my admiration for Denmark's future Queen on my posts."

"My favourite new year gala look is from 2012"

All this royal stuff, does it makes you a little crazy in the eyes of your loved ones?
I love how she describe how her boyfriend thinks about her. When you are as.. passionated about something like the royals, it takes a little conviction to convince everybody else about your hobby. Lurdes said: "Oh, yes!!! My boyfriend knows I love 'the Danish sweethearts' as he thinks I call to Fred and Mary (and I do!). And he thinks really funny and different my taste on the subject. My family and friends know I'm the right source to know anything about royals. My mother stopped to buy magazines and sometimes when I try to find THAT dress or THAT coat with Henriette..." (well that's me!) "... that's when they know I'm CRAZY. Glad I am not alone and I love myself for that. So do they!" I know this feeling so well, it took me about two or three years to tell my family about how serious my blog-thing is. Then I started working at Royalista and suddenly everyone knew. Still, I have the feeling that my family thinks I'm a bit crazy. Here, me and Lurdes are pretty much the same. For her to embrace her passion for royals I admire -she loves what she do and do what she loves!

What's the next thing you are going to do? -besides getting married the same day as her ;)
"I find it weird when people buy something just because a specific lady wore the same. Well, if she has the same taste as you, no problem. But it's not exactly my thing. I prefer to see a movie or maybe read a book about her. Or, in my case, write about her. Yes, I intend to keep writing a lot about Mary!" The best thing to know for all of us who love the royal. "I think Mary is one of the most engaged princesses of our time. Her work is fantastic. Despite that she's elegant, a loving mother of four and a pretty much in love wife!"

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