The Gråsten Ring Riding Association parade in Gråsten

Sunday, July 19

Crown Prince Frederik and Crown Princess Mary greeted the Gråsten Ring Riding Association parade. This took place at Gråsten castle where the royal family is on vacation. Prince Christian, Princess Isabella, Prince Vincent and Princess Josephine also attended at today's event. 1 1 2

Most Danes are on vacation right now and I really also look forward that is soon is my turn to pack a suitcase and travel to another country to experience something new and exciting. This year I'm going to Belgium with my family. The holiday-time is such a great time a year because you get to spend time with your family and often see a new country where you are about the experience a new culture. When I'm on holiday, me and my family loves to see some historical things, to experience the soul of the country we are in.

The royal family are also on vacation. This year they moved into Gråsten castle which is a bit unusual. Most year they are at the wine castle Cayx in France, owned by the family of Prince Henrik. I love that the Crown Prince couple show their children that a vacation in Denmark is just as good as anywhere else. I'm sure Frederik and Mary enjoying some time with their children and the other way around. For the family to break their vacation and attend a event like the Gråsten parade today is great. They take the time to meet the participants and those Danes who attend the parade. It is also a bit special that all four children are there, they have all there childhood been protected from the public and press. All four children seemed to really enjoy the day. Princess Isabella and her two younger siblings, Prince Vincent and Princess Josephine with her broken arm, greeted many of the participants of the parade, while Prince Christian enjoyed the day close to his father. Actually I do not live that far from Gråsten castle, unfortunately I did not have the time to see them. Maybe I will get the chance again.

One thing I noticed was both Mary, Christian, Josephine and Isabella were wearing green turquoise colour. The remarkable colour was worn by the two princesses with each their dress from Poppy Rose, here. Honestly, there is something really cute about the two princesses wearing the same dress. I just hope it is their own decision. The dresses were identified by Kate. Princess Isabella topped her look off with a hairdo and golden sandals and Princess Josephine in her sweet dress wore silver metallic sandals and loose hair. In the same colour as his sisters dresses Prince Christian was in green turquoise shorts and a shirt like this dad. Frederik wore long trousers in blue as his son Prince Vincent.
Then we have Mary. In her new creamy shirtdress featuring a significant and stunning pattern she totally won my heart. Heaven found her dress at Julie Fagerholt Heartmde (Spring/Summer 2015). Looks all comfortable and nice to wear. Though it is rather casual, it looks crazy beautiful on her. With a pair of beige suede wedges from Tod's she embrace the style of the perfect outfit. As other accessorizes Mary had chosen to wear a couple of necklaces from Marianne DulongMD & Daughters and Orit Elhanati. Love how she mixed all three necklaces; makes a great statement. As the turquoise pendant, she wore a ring i the same shade. This we first saw about a year earlier at the annual photo session at Gråsten castle along with the rest of the family, here. I could not be more happy about this look than I am right now. I wouldn't mind wearing this any time during summer.

Dress: Julie Fagerholt Heartmade Hatfield
Necklace: Marianne Dulong Drop Shape Pendant
Necklace: Orit Elhanati The Abyss Necklace
Necklace: MD & Daughters Atlantic Necklaces
Wedges: Tod's Suede Peep-Toe Wedges

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