A special performance in the Opera

Saturday, July 4th

Crown Prince Frederik and Crown Princess Mary attended a special performance and dinner in the Opera house in Copenhagen on the occasion of Hempel's 100th anniversary

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Sometimes it really does not matter how many pictures we are able to find, but at such an event it is simply frustrating. First of all are the royal couple attending a special performance in the Opera in Copenhagen, followed by a dinner which means an a little more unofficial dress-coat. Secondly, because the word 'special' (or maybe even unique) is mentioned. Everything special is just way more exciting for us. Fortunately, this does not mean we haven't got any pictures at all, because we do. and for that am I very grateful. Because the event took place in the Opera house which is placed right across where the Crown Prince couple live at Amalienborg; they took a small boat and crossed water where they arrived to the Opera right before the performance was about to begin. The couple were met by multiple attendances, who all wanted a glimpse of the royal couple. The weather was perfect and from what I see, the couple seemed to enjoyed themselves. Please, could we get more of these evening event?

Almost every single time Mary appear somewhere, I am amazed by her elegance, appearance, personality and style. Think many of us have a dream that a real princess wear a huge pink tulle gown and a tiara. Despite she was not wearing nor gown or tiara I have come to fall in love with that pink Prada (Fall 2004) dress. From what recall, this is the fifth time she's wearing the dress -1) 2004, Summer Ballet at Bellevue Theatre, 2) Around 2006 at a christening, 3) 2008, Royal Lifeguard 350th anniversary and 4) 2013, Day 3 on a visit to Malaysia. When do you think she wore it better? I have a hard time deciding which one I like the most. She embrace the style by wearing a pair of long earrings and her very expensive Piaget diamond necklace. This we saw for the first time in 2013 when she attended the presentation of the Carlsberg Foundations Research Award, here. Arriving to the boat from Amalienborg to the Opera, she was also wearing a pair of Dolce & Gabbana sunglasses. A lovely detail! As the dress is her pink clutch from Prada, the same as worn in 2012 when attending Save a Mother's Life at Mother's Day, here. After a really long time starring at her shoes am I pretty sure I have found them at Gianvito Rossi. Not only is the outfit outstanding; her hairstyle is also magnificent. Very impressive.

By the way, I made a new post at Royalista about christening, here.

Dress: Prada Pleated Silk Dress
Sunglasses: Dolce & Gabbana DG4175
Necklace: Piaget Possession Long Necklace
Clutch: Prada
Shoes: Gianvito Rossi Rose Pink Pointed-Toe Pumps

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