Day 2: Official Visit in Mexico

November, 12th

Crown Prince Frederik and Crown Princess Mary are on a official visit in Mexico with the Danish Health Minister Astrid Krag and a business delegation on 52 companies to focus on promoting the trade between Denmark and Mexico. The stay will last from November 11th to 13th. 

  • 9:50 am. The couple visited the business seminars Food Ingredients and optimization seminar, Healthcare seminar and Agro Industry and food technology seminar at the St. Regis Hotel in Mexico City.
  • 11:40 am. They visited the chamber of deputies, who is part of the American Parliament.
  • 1:00 pm. The Crown Prince Couple attended the opening of Mexico's first bicycle barometer which is set up with the aim to make Mexico City a more bicycle-friendly city.
  • 3:50 pm. Attending the opening of a exhibition on sustainable Danish design at Soumaya Museum in Mexico City.
  • 8:10 pm. The royal couple attended a gala dinner, which took place in the restored abbey ex Convento de San Hipólito.

Crown Prince Frederik and Crown Princess Mary during their second day in Mexico City

Yet another business day in Mexico! Their second day began with a seminar at the St. Regis Hotel in Mexico City. Among other Frederik got at chance to have a little chat with the Mexican Energy Minister Pedro Joaquin Coldwell which he was also photographed with. The royal couple attended three different seminars dealing with three different areas food, healthcare and industry: Food Ingredients and optimization seminarHealthcare seminar and Agro Industry and food technology seminar. These three areas are the main reason why Frederik and Mary are visiting Mexico these days, to improve and develop the trade of these things better in the future between Denmark and Mexico. Around 1:00 a clock local time, they were headed to attend the opening of Mexico's first bicycle barometer. The aim is to make Mexico City a more bicycle-friendly city and the best example is Denmark. The perfect combination because Denmark is one of the most well known cities in the world to use our bicycles. I'm sure Mexico use what we do in Denmark to develop their new barometer. Actually the barometer are produced in Denmark. Health Minister Astrid Krag did also attend the opening like mayor Miguel Angel Mancera. Three hours later the couple attended another opening this time of a exhibition on sustainable Danish design at Soumaya Museum also in Mexico City. Entering the stage in her brand new silk Max Mara Studio drew, our beautiful Mary gave a speech at the opening. Because fashion is such a huge industry it's where sustainable really can make a difference, as Mary advocates. Attending an event like this it would have been very appropriate for her to wear a dress that's made sustainable. But the fact that she is supporting the concept is great to me.

When we are talking fashion let's keep on doing that. Because I really want to say some more about the Max Mara dress featuring the most wonderful Chinese blossom print in breathtaking dusty colours - just as I love them. Because it was a windy day in Mexico City she chose to wear a reused white shawl but I did only cover her upper body. At the exhibition on sustainable design we finally got to see the whole dress. I loved it before and even more after. A very beautiful dress featuring stunning details to look at for hours. I also like the way she chose a beige belt to mark her waist. Her dark brown were done in a half updo seen multiple times before over the years. It's a classic. Something else we have seen a million times are the Marianne Dulong earrings and bracelet such as the Shamballa Jewels. Another classic item is the Carlend Copenhagen clutch in the stunning brown colour. A great match in my opinion. Do we ever get tired of these accessories? -high quality, timeless design and colour. I don't think so. On her feet she wore the one and only simple pump from Christian Louboutin.

Dress: Max Mara Studio Fungo Bow Print Dress in Beige €402
Earrings: Marianne Dulong Aqua DKK 13,200
Bracelet: Marianne Dulong Catena
Bracelet: Shamballa Jewels Royal Bracelet w. Argyle Pink Diamond Pavé
Clutch: Carlend Copenhagen Vanessa DKK 8,500
Shoes: Christian Louboutin Décolleté 100mm Leather Pumps in Beige

Crown Prince Frederik and Crown Princess Mary attending a gala dinner in the evening

After a long day it all ended them attending a gala dinner in the evening with the Danish ambassador as host. It took place at the magnificent and overwhelmingly beautiful restored abby ex. Convento de San Hipólito. In the dark the guest were sitting at round tables only lightened up by candles. In the middle music was playing to entertain all the invited guests. And of course any gala dinner gets a little better if Frederik and Mary participated. A night get that magic sparkle it needs to become fulfilled. Honestly I am pretty sure the guests were not disappointed. Mary in her red dress and silver accessories sparkling in the camera light and Frederik dressed in a his black suit and blue tie they welcomed all the guests with a smile and glimpse in their eyes. Wish I was the one attending that dinner! Haven't you never wished to attend at gala dinner with Frederik and Mary?

...and she did it once again! Mary in her red V-neck dress really surprised me in a good way. Often women tend to chose black dresses to an evening dinner, many of the invited guests wore black. But not our dazzling Mary. She is unique such as her style. It was so clever of her to wear the eye-catching dress with silver accessories. The perfect way to shine, if that is even possible. I have to say I think Mary looks breathtaking at the evening dinner. Actually it's the second time we see her in that dress I love so much but the first time you didn't really noticed it. Do you recall when? It was in 2012 at the opening ceremony of the Olympic Games in London. At then she was photographed with Princess Charlene of Monaco. Back then she also wore the dress with silver accessories - belt and a cardigan. You see a photo of the two royal women below. Since then I haven't found out who the designer is, maybe you happen to know something? I know a little more about where the accessories are from. According to Royal Regal the earrings are custom made to Mary by Marianne Dulong. You can change the pendant that is why they look of them are so different every time we see them. Before Royal Regal gave the information that Marianne Dulong was the actual designer, my mind came across several possible jewellery designers but non of them seemed to be the right one; now I know why. The metallic silver belt and clutch matched perfectly! The amazing and expensive silver bangle watch is created by Vivianna Torun Bülow-Hübe for Georg Jensen. A fantastic piece of work I wouldn't mind wearing. 

Another piece of jewellery I wouldn't mind wearing is the ring on her right hand. This is the second time we see her wear it, at a evening dinner in 2011 when Frederik and Mary visited Australia with the twins for the first time. The ring features three red jewellery stones surrounded by diamonds. What I'm telling you know about this ring is not something I have been able to confirm at all but what I read is that the ring once belonged to the former Queen Alexandrine of Denmark. She got married to Crown Prince Christian X of Denmark. I think she wore it as a brooch on her engagement photo, here. You have to take a very close look at the photo to see it but I'm pretty sure it's the same.  

Watch: Georg Jensen Vivianna $19,690
Earrings: Marianne Dulong Lotus
Shoes: Prada

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