Concert and Dinner at Fredensborg Castle

November, 5th
Photo @Agnés Colbert

Crown Prince Frederik and Crown Princess Mary attended a concert followed by a dinner with representatives from the health sector which was held at Fredensborg Palace hosted by Queen Margrethe and Prince Henrik. 

The Danish royal family were gathered for a wonderful evening when they attended both a concert and a dinner at Fredensborg Castle. The concert was held in recognition of the great efforts the healthcare in Denmark provide to the benefit of the Danish population's health and wellbeing. Suit-dressed men and evening-dressed women form the healthcare attended a evening with classical music performed by students from the Academy of Music (Syddansk Musikkonservatorium) and the acting school (Skuespillerskolen). The concert followed by a dinner were hosted by Queen Margrethe and her husband Prince Henrik. Along with the Crown Prince Couple and Prince Joachim they enjoyed a evening together with representatives from healthcare in Denmark. After the concert they aloe attended the dinner which also took place at Fredensborg Castle, in Copenhagen, in the magnificent Kuppesal with the stunning white and black patterned floor. The attended representatives were sitting at round tables on golden chairs. Eaten from royal porcelain and green crystal glass. What a night! As you might know, the royal family always arrives after rank - Queen Margrethe and Prince Henrik, Crown Prince Frederik and Crown Princess Mary and last Prince Joachim and Princess Marie who did not participate at last nights dinner. The lightning wasn't that good, I'm sure it gave the perfect atmosphere with the almost non-exciting light, so no all pictures from the evening are pretty good. has published a little video clip from when they royal family enter Kuppelsalen to attend the dinner and as I just told you the light isn't that good but still I think it's worth watching it. Watch it down below. I think there is something special when they enter a dinner like this, it's kinda magical. Am I right? As a royalist I'm sure you know the feeling.

Because of the lack of light when Frederik arrived to Fredensborg with his stunning wife I think she was looking even more beautiful -Queen of the night! I was so happy to see 'that' midnight blue skirt again after all these years. Do you remember the skirt? Well, it was also a long time ago really. We are back in 2006 when the Bulgarian President H.E Georgi Parvanov and his wife Mrs. Zorka Parvanov. A time when Mary dressed completely different than what we see her wear now a days. As the first time, she chose to wear the skirt with black clothes with the skirt in the center. Our eyes lays on the skirt and its dazzling sequin details and tulle underneath, sparkling in the light of the photographers camera light. At the arrival she wore a Prada coat such as pumps from the same designer and was carrying a black cardigan I assume till later. The satin clutch featuring pearl fringes is seen a several occasions before. A item we have seen not that long ago, to be more exact her blouse. I recognized it from when they were on the state visit in Australia about a month ago on the second day. Perfectly to show how to wear the same basic blouse twice at two very different occasions. I have not been able to identify who the designer is. That little extra 'thing' Mary always manage to mix into her outfit has to be the purple jewellery; ring and earrings. I think these to pieces are inherited or something like that. I do not know the exact story. So what do you think, is this outfit a winner or what? I really think it is. 

Coat: Prada 
Shoes: Prada Black Satin Pumps

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