El Dorado: The Search for the Golden City

October, 5th

With her two oldest children Prince Christian and Princess Isabella, visited Crown Princess Mary Tivoli in Copenhagen to watch the new musical El Dorado: The Search for the Golden City. 

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Nothing is better than a day with mom. Mary and her two oldest children Christian and Isabella spend a day together in Tivoli, Copenhagen, to watch a musical El Dorado: The Search for the Golden City. I don't know if you ever had the chance to watch a musical, if so you know for sure how amazing it is. The musical the royal family members watched was about the legendary story about El Dorado the lost city of gold. The history about El Dorado goes back to the 16. hundred and tells a story about a  king with the same name which was covered with gold every day. Then in the 16. hundred the spanish conquistadors spread and they began a search for the city of gold. I think a musical like this  have been fantastic to watch. Both Mary and her children were in a really great mood when they arrived to the glass hall (Glassalen) in Tivoli with some friends of Christian and Isabella. All were happy and excited about the musical. The day in Tivoli was not a part of Mary's official calendar, still she was dressed like a princess! A modern mother with everything under control she amazed me with her choice of clothes. I really want to thanks all of you who gave me the ID. of the bordeaux knitted jacket Mary was wearing. You identified it as Isabel Marant Étoile! Well, I wouldn't mind wearing that. Neither would I mind wearing her stunning Christian Louboutin glossed leather pumps which features the iconic red sole. Under the jacket she wore a white lace blouse which I haven't been able to find, I like the two of them together. I adore the combo of the black and red colours, the Isabel Marant Éstoile jacket, the black capri trousers and Prada coat with the Christian Louboutin pumps. One stylish mother. I am so sure that I need to try this myself!

Jacket: Prada
Knitted jacket: Isabel Marant Étoile Ariana Cardigan
Bag: Bottega Veneta Large Campana Hobo in Black €1750
Shoes: Christian Louboutin Simple 85mm Black Pumps Low Heel

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