Danish Design Talent

October, 3rd 
Photo @ Agnés Colbert

Crown Princess Mary attended the presentation of DANISH Design Talent – Magazine Prize at the National Gallery of Art, in Copenhagen.

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Arriving to laud opera music Mary attended the DANISH Design Talent to the State Museum of Art in Copenhagen. Several other fashion celebrities from Denmark did also attended the presentation. There happen to be a little problem with the music when the guests arrived, it was way too laud and then opera I'm sure it was a bit of an experience. But Mary and the other guests were all clam and only smile of the technological problem. And really they wouldn't have been able to do a thing about it. Just something to remember. Danish celebrities are always beautifully dressed when attending an event like this. Stunning dresses, glamours hairstyles and make-up. Perfectly Mary embraced that dress coat. Well, she always does. Mary got the best hairdresser, make-up artists and stylish to help her when she is the Queen of such an fashion event with lots of focus from the world press, still I think there's a part of her who take the decision who she want to look and what she will wear. I have the feeling we see that right here. Her smile and glow shows confidence of herself, nothing does that else than pride of your own decision.

Just a few days ago I visited the web side of a specific Danish designer. Here I found a dress, a really wonderful long dress with a white top featured a sequin floral pattern and thought Mary would look stunning in a dress like this. And new on October 3rd she's actually wearing that exact dress, that is why I immediately knew the designer of her new dazzling dress is from Danish brand By Malene Birger. Really amazing design in 100% silk! For sure the theme of Mary's look was black and white, the classic choice. The Winter Frost collection from Ole Lynggaard Copenhagen is my personal favourite jewellery collection I've ever seen. I know, I have told you this a million times before but I keep saying because it impresses me every time I see it. In catalogs and when Mary's wearing some of the pieces. She also wore her Shamballa Jewels bracelet and black satin Prada pumps.

Dress: By Malene Birger Falalae DKK 4,000
Earrings: Ole Lynggaard Copenhagen Winter Frost Earrings €995
Shoes: Prada
Bracelet: Shamballa Jewels Royal Bracelet

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