New York: Why Poverty?

September, 27

In New York, Crown Princess Mary attened the launch of the media project Why Poverty?

What is the project about?
The best filmmakers has helped to make eight documentary and 34 shorts as Why Poverty want to appear everywhere in the world for everyone to be a part of finding a solution to poverty. Read more about the project here

With a bright red dress and wavy hair, Mary was in a great mood when she attended the launch of the Why Poverty project in New York. Red is always a day catching colour and makes any woman stand out. Thanks to SAND and all of you who made me aware of the dress' designer, SAND. She dressed her earrings in a pair of silver earrings with 44 diamonds from the jewellery brand Ole Lynggaard Copenhagen. Such as Letizia from Spain loves Hugo Boss, Mary is a fan of the italian brand Prada which is the designer of the black patent pumps she was wearing. At the christening of the twins she wore the same model in beige. I really like them because of the shape, they looks great on the foot. Lately, she has been wearing her Ellipse and Lumina bracelets from Marianne Dulong which also was the case today.

Earrings: Ole Lynggaard Copenhagen Flower with Diamonds in Silver
Bracelets: Marianne Dulong Ellipse & Lumina 
Dress: SAND Red Dress with 3/4 Sleeves DKK 3,295
Shoes: Prada

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