Day 2: Official Visit to Brazil

September, 17

Crown Princess Mary visited the Cidinha Kopcak Centre. Crown Princess Mary talked to some of the women who told her their stories and later sang to her. In the evening she attended a dinner with Crown Prince Frederik.

What is the Cidinha Kopcak Centre? 
The Cidinha Kopcak Centre works to help and support abused women. The centre is driven by the NGO Organization, works with women's rights. 1

At the Cidinha Kopcak Center

... and as I hoped for, Mary has just started her second day in Brazil and we saw her in a colourful Philosophy di Alberta Ferretti found by the amazing Pernille! It's a dress from the Pre-Fall 2012, I'm so thrilled of all the colours and great pattern. Mary really makes it exciting to be fan of her. It makes me so happy! and creative... Lately I've been drawn to buy heeled sandals and I love them more and more for every day. Mary was wearing her Ralph Lauren sandals that matched the Carlend Copenhagen clutch. Sure, you have already noticed the pretty large black bracelet - I did. Without no proofs my guess is that it's from Monies with their significant designs. The earrings, is for sure, Marianne Dulong.

Dress: Philosophy di Alberta Ferretti Multicolor Printed Shift Dress
Earrings: Marianne Dulong Aqua DKK 13,200.00 
Bracelet: Monies?
Clutch: Carlend Copenhagen AICHA DKK 8,500.00
Shoes: Ralph Lauren Beige Exotic Leather Heels €250

Attending dinner

I have never thought we would see Mary in a dress like this Philosophy di Alberta Ferretti! It's shiny like metal just on a dress; if that make sense at all... Once again Pernille is the one who found the dress before any of us did. A great thanks from me! Quickly, find a picture of her hairstyle and take a long look at it. Isn't it beautiful? I really wanted to identify her new pink clutch, but it has been a mystery for quite a while now. Suddenly, it showed up at Prada but in black. Nevertheless, I am sure I have found the right one. Indeed Prada was my first guess and it turned out to be right. Lu and Kate both found her glitter pumps from the great shoes designer Gianvito Rossi (Spring/Summer 2012). My own skills found out that the 'lace' cuff is from Jewlscph. Have we seen the earrings before...?

Dress:  Philosophy di Alberta Ferretti Gold Glitter Dress
Shoes: Gianvito Rossi Glitter Sandal £439
Bracelet: Jewlscph Filigran Cuff in 24K Gold
Clutch: Prada Embellished Raso Clutch

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