Our Crown Princess Mary Obsession #8

Yes, we still have to stories left of your Crown Princess Mary obsessions! I have really enjoyed every single one of your posts about the lovely Mary. Sometimes it's nice to write something that does not come from me but you guys because you are so important to me and this blog; without you no blog. I always try to write about things you like and want to read about that is why these 'obsession-posts' are amazing. I get a glimpse of your life, world and what/why you like Mary. This gives me clues what to write about. As I started telling, we still have two amazing posts left and every time I so much look forward to share them with you. Many of you I have been so lucky to write stories about is people I have been even more lucky to get a rather close friendship with, which the same with this woman.  Catherine!

Actually Catherine started her passion about the royals somewhere else; in another country and another woman. The royal woman we all know the story of because of the tragedy that happened in 1997. We know how troubled her life was revealed after her death leaving two little boys and a husband when she died in a car crash, yes I am talking about the one and only Princess Diana, the nineties fashion princesses. "Many years ago (long before your were born!) I really enjoyed reading about Princess Diana. Following her movements as well as her fashion."  I am sure we all, royalists, have a certain love for Diana. Her quiet, caring personality. Her figure as a princess, mother and wife she because the princess to talk about. The tragic death in 1997 was a terrible loss for everyone. Because Catherine was a dedicated follower of her she lost her number one princess. I can't imagine how this must have felt. "... I had no-one to adore in the magazines each week anymore." So sure there are some of you out there who also lost their beloved princess back then.

But than came this average Australian woman who married a certain Danish Prince seven years later. Everybody's Mary Elizabeth Donaldson from Tasmania. One of the reasons why Mary caught her attention was the fact that she is from Australia: "In part I follow her because she is Australian and because of her sense of style." 

As I told you, Catherine and I have known each other for quite a while now. We have never met personally but I still very much enjoy her company. I know Catherine because she once texted me and right since we have had contact now and than. Actually she chose to use much of her answers to my 'obsession-questions' about your Mary hobby, to write about StyleofMary! That made me so happy I can't barely describe the feeling. "Your blog, Style of Mary, is certainly the best site for following her fashion. In 2014 my favourite things to do, was to print off the pictures from the categories 'fashion 1,2,3 and 4'. I am hoping that you will do a 'fashion 5' in 2015." Despite the fact that I know you all love these categories so much I have decided to remove them when time is up. Not that I want to but in a way I feel I have to. You already know why, but because I do not want to get in trouble to copy right etc. You also know that I'm in the middle of updating every single post on the blog which means you get updated links in every post where to find the same pictures as you find in the fashion categories.

"Once again, thank you so much for all the time and effort that you put into Style of Mary, it is very much appreciated." .. and you are more than welcome! I love writing known that someone out there in the big big world actually enjoy what I do. I want to thanks Catherine for letting know a little about her Mary-story, how she because a decimated follower of her and the fact that I had the chance to write and share your story! It is very much appreciated.

Catherine loves the pictures of Mary and Frederik from 2013 when they were on official visit in Australia. That is why shoe chose these photos and they are really lovely. They are from the first day, welcomed by the public in front of the Sydney Opera House.

The Annual Christmas Stamp & A Birthday Conference

Wednesday, October 28th

12:00 pm. Queen Margrethe and Crown Princess Mary participated in the annual presentation of the christmas stamp at Copenhagen City Hall. This years christmas stamps have been designed by the Queen. 

The story of the Christmas Stamp 2015:
The creator of the original christmas stamp is Einar Holbølls, he was born 150 years ago. This was celebrated by Queen Margrethe who designed this years Christmas Stamp 2015. She also created the stamps in 1970 and 2003. The stamps are named 'What a postman - a dove' which are created by paper clips, drawing and watercolor. Her inspiration is from the old song and game as the Queen remember from her own childhood. Read more about the Christmas Stamp 2015 here.

1:30 pm. Crown Princess Mary attended in the Children, Young People & Grief's (Børn, Unge go Sorg) 15th birthday conference in the public hall at Christiansborg Palace.

What is Children, Young People & Grief all about?
Children, Youth & Grief offers free support and treatment for children and adolescents, under 28 years old, whose parents or siblings are severely ill or died. Crown Princess Mary is patron of Children, Youth & Grief. Read about all this and much more here.

Queen Margrethe & Crown Princess Mary at the presentation of the Christmas Stamp 2015
Et billede slået op af Camilla Sonne (@camillassolskin) den

At 12:00 pm. two beautiful royal ladies arrived to the Copenhagen City Hall to participate in the presentation of the annual Christmas Stamp 2015. Celebrating the founder of the stamp, Einar Holbølls,  Queen Margrethe is the one who designed this year's stamps which is why I think she also accompanied Mary on Wednesday. The previous years Mary has, on her own reviled the Christmas stamps to the public as the patron of the Christmas Seal Foundation. This is the third time Margrethe is the creator - in 2003 and way back in 1970 - where sales go to the four existing Christmas Seal  Homes (Julemærkehjemmene) helps children to get a grip on diet and exercise, make new friends and help them to handle among others bullying. Both women were enthusiastic and in a really good mood  when they arrived to the City Hall in Copenhagen to reviled the Christmas stamps 2015. As the tradition says, the royal guests were given each their bouquet. I found a picture of Mary's white bouquet which was made by the Danish florist AK (@aksflowers), you see it right under the photo of this years Christmas stamps. Queen Margrethe's bouquet matched her red jacket. In bright red and black tartan, Margrethe and Mary entered the stage, pulled the white sheet away and out came the most beautiful stamps featuring children sending, writing and receiving letters and snow-white turtledoves. I was amazed by the design, we certainly have a very artistic and creative Queen in Denmark. She has designed some really beautiful stamps. I think Mary was so proud of her mother-in-law at the presentation. Seeing how glad she was really made me smile. Margrethe told that she found her inspiration in an old Danish song called What a postman - a dove (Hvilket postbud, en due) she remember from her own childhood. While Mary was sitting next to the some of the participants, Queen Margrethe stayed on the stage and gave her speech. Eloquent and smiling as always, she expressed her joy at the day's event. At the same time she had to apologize, but she had caught a cold on the way back home from Indonesia, where she and Prince Henrik were on official visit a few days before, and therefore had difficulty hearing as well as usual. I wish her good recovery and that she must get better soon.

Et billede slået op af Helle Baagø Bonde (@hellebbonde) den

Dressed beautifully in a brand new dress featuring a kind of tartan print, Mary looked dazzling. The print reminds me of a vintage print from the 40s and in the different shades of grey she really caught my attention wearing this dress. As any other new dress I always want to find out where it's from, it is just what I do. Luckily I have the most amazing readers and followers who are always ready to help me in my search for all her new things. Like a millions search later and no result at all I gave up. Simple as that. Something that is the only thing you can do, give it some time and than try again. Before I once again began my search one fantastic friend sent me what I was looking for! Yes, you heard me -she had already found the dress. Thank you so much Lurdes! With great pride I can now tell you that Mary's new tartan dress is from Oscar de la Renta. What was your first thought when you saw the dress? I was a bit surprise by the print but it was love at first sight. I have a thing about vintage clothes and prints and this really reminds me of vintage print, even the style of the dress. Wearing the navy blue coat, at the arrival, she showed the elegance of a stylish 50s inspired woman living in the 21st century. After all I know a thing or two about vintage shapes etc. and Mary's outfit had the perfect shape! Just to mention, I haven't been able to identify the coat yet. Maybe you are more lucky than me? Let me know if you are. Like the most beautiful princess ever, glowing eyes and the incredible hairstyle. A hairstyle that is called 'a french twist' the most glamorous and feminine updo you can find on earth, if you ask me. It look so easy to make and I think it is if you know how to. I would more than anything love to learn how to do a real 'french twist'. I found a tutorial on Youtube that I want to share with you, here, if you want to learn it as well. Am I the only one who think that Mary's hair always look like silk? The black Carlend Copenhagen clutch and pumps matched her outfit perfectly! The Ole Lynggaard earrings finished a really pretty outfit.

Dress: Oscar de la Renta Diamond Cutout Plaid Dress, Grey
Earrings: Ole Lynggaard Winter Frost Earrings
Clutch: Carlend Copenhagen Vanessa DKK 8,500

Crown Princess Mary attended the birthday conference 

Around one and a half hour later, after she participated in the presentation of the annual Christmas stamp 2015 where the money goes to the Christmas Seal Homes in Denmark that helps children with diet and exercise etc, Mary arrived to the public hall at Christiansborg Palace in Copenhagen to attend Children, Young People & Grief's (Børn, Unge go Sorg) 15th birthday conference. The most remarkable thing about her visit is undoubtedly the moving speech she gave after the arrival. Children, Young People & Grief, which Mary is patron of since 2013, offers free help to children and adolescents, under the age of 28, whose parents or siblings are severely ill or died. In a young age Mary lots had mother, Henrietta Donaldson, in 1997 during a heart surgery. Talking about her mother made her moved. It was loss that of course effected Mary and her family. Everyone in the large hall were moved by her personal speech. Nothing changed when we look at her clothes, she still wore the stunning new Oscar da la Renta dress wearing the black pumps and clutch. The only thing that really changed I think was her mood. Talking about her mother and all the emotions that came along with her death I understand why changed her feelings. So a day with mixed feelings, in company with her mother-in-law reviling the Christmas stamp and talking for a good cause is of great help to many children and adolescents. I wish both projects the best of luck in the future!

Conference on Well-being in Brøndby

Tuesday, October 27th

Crown Princess Mary attended in a conference on well-being in the spare time with the Mary Foundation in Brøndby.


I think I'm a little behind with the latest posts right now. I'm always missing one and then the new need to be written. Well I hope you have patience with me and are waiting for my posts to come with excitement.

In a really great mood and lots of confidence Mary arrived in the noon, to attend a conference on the well-being of children in their spare time. The conference took place in House of Sport (Idrættens Hus) in Brøndby. Here Mary among others participate in a debate on girls well-being because studies have show that girls are less able to adapt socially in spare time activities as for instance in a football club than boys have. The reason why I mention football clubs as an example is because Mary has in collaboration with the Mary Foundation, Red Barnet, DBU and TrygFonden developed the project Klubfidusen working with bullying and loneliness among boys and girls in football clubs in Denmark. This project, established in 2013, is a great start to fight for well-being among children. To welcome everybody Mary gave a speech where she pointed out how important it is for all kids to enjoy their spare time. School is not something the kids decide, it's needed, but in their spare time they get to decide how to enjoy activities they like whether it is football, choir or a third thing. Many children look forward to their leisure activities. The sad thing is that studies. made by the Mary Foundation and Red Barnet, that every eighth child has stopped for a leisure activity partly because of bullying or failure to thrive and in and fifty percent of these cases, know the child's parents do not about this reason. There may be many reasons why a child chooses to stop; Mary gave here an example of a girl named Ida beginning to football where she knows some of the other players from school. She does not thrive well with them, and because she is new to the team and not being a part of the community she chooses the easy option: to stay away from training. It could have been an amazing experience with new friends but it end up as a defeat for Ida. Ida isn't bullied but is being locked out of the community. I now give you the chance to read her whole speech, in Danish of course, from the conference, here. I really think you should take the time to read it. She sums up all the essentials in quite few words. When Mary gave her speech everybody were paying attention to her and her words. At the conference several well known people attended as Claus Bretton Meyer, the CEO of Danish Football Association and journalist Jess Dorf Petersen and Morten Ankerdal. After yesterday's event Mary gave an interview to Tv2, here you can watch it. The interview lasts for about 5 minutes and show how well-informed and eloquent she is. She is also talking about how she deals with these problems with her own children, Christian and Isabella.

Vi overser let, når børn mistrives i fritidslivet. Problemet forsvinder så at sige af sig selv, når børnene stopper -...
Posted by Mary Fonden on 27. oktober 2015
In my opinion, it is important that Mary chooses to participate in such events which focuses on children's well-being in their daily lives. How to improve their well-being in especially leisure. There are many aspects which can be treated and many of them affecting areas like Mary Foundation works with and for -isolation, loneliness, friendship etc. Children need adults to stand up for them, help and improve the problems they are facing. Children who are affected by for instance bullying are often socially weakened and need someone to take them by the hand and make a change. I really hope that we will be able, in the future, to help more and more children to get a better social life and give them tools to works with their future problems.

We saw some really great piece of clothes when she attended the conference among others a well-known Prada blouse last time worn when Prince William and his wife Cathertine, Duchess of Cambridge a few years ago. At that time, she wore the blue blouse with black trousers and a long black coat, not a combination I liked very much but this one... wauw! The tight trousers and new blazer showed her figure beautifully! I fell in love with the new Massimo Dutti blazer right away.  First the style reminded my of something special but after a quick search I ran out of ideas. I thought I had to have you help but suddenly 'Massimo Dutti' popped up in my head and guess what, here it was. So no need for help. For quite a while not many pictures of Mary have been published which is such a shame. That is why it's so hard for me to tell exactly what she wore. What I see from yesterday is a golden (?) bracelet that looks new to me, that she might be wearing nail polish and some different rings. Oh.. I would so much like to tell you more about all of this but right not it's not possible. The curly hair and natural makeup gave her the perfect feminine look I love so much! Her Jewlscph earrings are old and really hard to find a picture of. I have one on my computer but that doesn't help me here. But you have to trust me on this. Just as you have to trust me when I tell you that her dazzling bordeaux handbag is from Hugo Boss worn the first time in Lithuania last month. You remember it? I think it would have been great for her to wear the same bordeaux pumps matching the bag as in Lithuania, not the black one she actually wore. In the end I was quite impressed by this business look featuring wonderful autumn colours!

Blazer: Massimo Dutti Polka-Dot Print Jacket €99.99
Blouse: Prada Blouse in Grey €381
Bag: Hugo Boss Mila-F in Bordeaux €479
Watch: Cartier Tank Francaise in 18K Yellow Gold
Earrings: Jewlscph

Film Premier of: "He Named Me Malala"

Sunday, October 25th 

Crown Princess Mary attended the film premier of the documentary He named me Malala at the Grand Theatre in Copenhagen. 


It is all about world peace. "Me and Malala share the same vision. We want a peaceful world. I admire her" this is what Mary said at the arrival to the Grand Theatre in Copenhagen on Sunday to watch the documentary He named me Malala which has its premiere in Denmark that same day. It was at three a clock Mary arrived to the theatre. This gala premiere was also to mark the start of Copenhagen International Documentary Film Festival, CPH:DOX, - one of the largest documentary film festivals in the world. Every year since 2013 fill the Copenhagen cinemas with over 200 specially selected documents from around the world. It's quite interesting to read about the project and if you want to read a little more you find it here. iI addition to a peaceful world, Mary and the Pakistani girl Malala, which the documentary is about, they have one more thing in common despite they live a world apart. They both work for a better world where women and girls have more rights and better living conditions. The reason why Malala become known across the globe was because she  defied the Taliban and told her opinion on child and women's rights in connection with school. At the time, the press was all over her to hear what she had to say. Almost everyone in the world had heard about this Pakistani girl who almost were killed by a terrorist attack because of her statement earlier. She survived and told her story; a question on why we need to control our own life. This 18 year old girl, Malala Yousafzai, has been able in a very short time to give her message and stand up for girl's and women from every single part of the world. For her incredible work and courage she has also received several awards: The United Nations Human Rights Prize (2013), the Mother Teresa Award (2012), the Simone de Beauvoir award (2013) and of course the Nobel Peace Prize (2014) as the youngest recipient ever.

As a woman I think it is incredible what Malala has been able to do in such a young age. Her courage is not to describe. She risked her life to stand up for girls and women, she is such as brave girl. If I will be asked to watch this new documentary of Malala's story, which I hope I will, I would differently say yes. We can't imagine what she has already experienced but maybe we will get a glimpse of her life, thought and cause of courage. I thought you might be interested in reading a bit more about the film, so now I give you the chance.

He names me Malala is a documentary about the Pakistani girl Malala Yousafzai. She was almost killed for having engaged the debate on girls' rights to education in her region of Swat Valley in Pakistan which was. The films also deals with all the events leading up to the terrorist attack on Malala. We are also get to see the moving speech she gave to the United Nations and when she was handed over the prestigious Nobel Peace Prize in 2014. The film is directed by Davis Guggenheim.   

In her grey woolen Massimo Dutti coat, worn at a previously event, Mary arrived in the afternoon to watch this film I just talked so much about. She seemed happy at the arrival and even took the time to take pictures with some of attendees standing outside the cinema. No rush at all. After she spoke shortly with the press she was headed to find her seat and watch the documentary. Wearing ankle boots which I think is from Gianvito Rossi and her grey Mulberry body-cross bag featuring a golden chain shoulder strap. Despite the fact that this is quite an event we only have a very few pictures of her, non without the coat, so it's a little hard for me to tell exactly what she was wearing underneath. Especially when it comes to the blouse. What we see it a white collar probably from a button-down shirt and a navy blue sweater but this gives us at least two options: either she's wearing a a white button-down and a sweater over (this is a combo we have seen before) or her JOSEPH blouse that are designed to look like she is wearing a white button-down underneath. I know it sounds complicated, still I hope you understand what I mean about all this. I think it is very likely that she is wearing her JOSEPH jumper because I see similarities with the two collars.

Note: Stay turned, because very soon I will post about her attendance at today's conference.

Coat: Massimo Dutti Coat with Belt $480
Blouse: JOSEPH Merino Knit Jumper £255
Boots: Gianvito Rossi Suede Ankle Boots in Black €448 (on sale)

Inaugurated the New Soldiers Home's in Birkerød

Friday, October 23rd

Crown Princess Mary participated in the inauguration of the new KFUM's Soldiers Home's transition housing for veteran families in Høvelte, Birkerød.

The history behind KFUM soldiers home's
KFUM soldiers mission began all the way back in 1889 in Copenhagen where the first solders home were established. Because of the effect from world war I and world war II, like the cold war in the period after 1943, the means to help soldiers are needed more than every before. The KFUM soldiers home's are where they are needed when they are needed. If you are interested in reading more about their story, you find it here

I know I'm a few days behind with this post but on friday pictures from Mary in Birkerød were published quite late and yesterday I attended my aunts 40th birthday which began at noon already. Better late than never! So here you get my version of her day in Birkerød.

For the third time Mary took part in the inauguration of a new KFUM Soldiers Home's transition housing for veteran families. These new homes are built in Høvelte, Birkerød. Arriving in Krone 8 on a windy and cold october-day Mary was met by friendly and smily faces as well as music played by the Royal Life Guards Band (Livgardens Musikkorps), which immediately gave a warmer atmosphere to Mary and the other participants. In Denmark, we are on the way to the that time a year when the leaves fall from the trees, it gets colder and we have to wear woolen jackets to keep warm outside. The four seasons are very distinctive in Denmark and highly variable from one to the other. We are heading towards the season before winter: autumn. Which explains the pretty cold weather. One of the reason for Mary to attend the opening is because she is the patron of KFUM Soldiers Mission (KFUMS Soldatermission). She became patron in early 2012 and has among others been in Afganistand in 2009 to visit the Danish soldiers deployed in Camp Bastion. With great empathy she got an impression on how the soldiers home have for the soldiers deployed. KFUM Soldiers Mission use these words on their website to describe what function the soldiers home:
"At the KFUMs Soldiers Home, the atmosphere is more informal, and the soldiers will find a sanctuary in the middle of war, where they will find care for the whole person with spirit, soul and body" - KFUM Soldatermission
As any other royal inauguration Mary cut the red ribbon with a golden scissors to official mark the opening of the new soldiers home's in Hølvelte. After the royal traditional ceremony Mary got some time to talk to one of the soldiers veteran Magnus Nordtun who also showed her the newly inaugurated veteran home. He talked about how it is to stay there and how the daily life typically will proceed on a KFUM soldiers home. At the visit on Friday she also showed her interested in another charity project, that is currently put great focus on in Denmark - to break cancer. By wearing that little red and white flower on her jackets collar, she showed that she with millions of other Danes support the research and treatment of cancer. As the committed woman she is, this is a great way to show her support of something so important. Millions have been collected the last few weeks in Denmark to increase the chances of finding the means to compete cancer to save people's lives. The only thing we can hope for now is the money will be able to help where they are needed.

The day before Mary attended the opening of the new soldiers home in Birkerød, she attended the DANISH Design Talent - Magasin Prize 2015 in the State Museum of Art in Copenhagen to present this years winner. She was dressed in the most magnificent white creation by Danish designer Ole Yde. The floor length evening gown has been subject in many discussions right since. I can't stop loving it! With the feathers and all. It was a little more of a everyday outfit we saw the day after. She chose navy blue double breasted coat seen at a couple other occasions before this one. I always have an interest in where her clothes come from, not that it really matter, but to me it's more a... treasure hunt, the search for the golden treasure. Well, you probably know the feeling. This time Kate was the one who was able to identify the coat as Prada. The coat was found at Yoox.com and it not available anymore so unfortunately I'm not able to show you the model. Of course if you are the one to find pictures of the coat I would love to hear from you. She matched the coat with gloves and  Lanvin pumps features a navy blue bow. This is the epitome of a royal outfit. As the coat I have kinda the same problem with the checkered clutch because I strongly believe it is from Prada but I can't show you a similar model. It's really hard to find. With a natural makeup and casual hairstyle Mary complete her look!

Coat: Prada Double Breasted Coat in Navy Blue
Clutch: Prada?

A New Look!

Just a little note to let you know that I've made some changes on the design. A long time ago I told you that changes would come in the future and now they did! -or at lest some of them. I really wanted a simple and claim design makes your eyes relax. I hope that succeeded. I can't promise this will be the last changes but I have start somewhere. Some of the credit I also want to give one of my most dedicated readers who helped me with the design of the cover; don't you love it?! I think I have to get use to it but I'm sure I will. Other things are also happening on the blog because for the last five or six months I've been doing an update on all the old posts, I know there are a lot and such things take time - a really long time and I'm not done yet but one day I will. That is why some things might be missing or you can't find. But it makes me happy to know that all my posts get an update and of course I will let you know the second I have completed with huge project. Have a wonderful evening!


DANISH Design Talent: The Magasin Prize 2015

Thursday, October 22nd
Et billede slået op af DANSKDesignTalentMagasinPrisen (@danskdesigntalentmagasinprisen) den

Crown Princess Mary participated a dinner and the presentation of the DANISH Design Talent - Magasin Prize 2015 (DANSK Design Talent - Magasin Prisen 2015) in the State Museum of Art, Copenhagen.

Billedbladet.dk 1

Yesterday evening at 7:00 pm. local time, Mary arrived as a angle in her breathtaking white evening gown to the State Museum of Art in Copenhagen to present this years DANISH Design Talent - Magasin Prize 2015 (DANSK Design Talent - Magasin Prisen 2015) at a gala show and dinner with all the over 200 special invited guests. This is the third time the Magasin Prize are handed over and Mary was the one to reveal the winner as this years design talent. Besides the honor and the chance to get their own fashion show during Copenhagen Fashion Week in January, the winner or winners takes home DKK 500,000. Four different design talents compete for all this. The guests all arrived on the red carpet where a sea of photographers were lined up to get the best pictures of men and women dressed in stunning evening clothes. I think we saw the most amazing evening gown decorated with feathers, sequins, flowers, lace etc. All with dazzling jewellery and clutches. An evening where we get to see the very best and amazing dresses! It really was a evening to remember if you are royalist or not. By the way it is the second time Mary she attend the prestigious event. The last time she attended was in 2014 were Mark Tan was the winner. You might remember that name, because Mark Tan also won one of The Crown Prince Couple's Stardust Prizes only a few months ago. Well he is also very talented, I'm sure we will see him anywhere in the world of fashion in the future. During the dinner several artists were entertaining wearing the four design talents creations which were could different from each other. The four nominated talents also pretended their very own mini collection which was followed by the attendants with great pleasure. After all the eating, music, fashion shows and much more the final moment had arrived: who will be this years winner of the DANISH Design Talent Magasin Prize 2015? Before I tell you who actually won last night prize I think you should hear a little about the four nominated design talents.

Maikel Tawadros : "... MAIKEL TAWADROS strikes a balance between rigid architectural shapes and genteel natural fabrics, fostering unrestricted movement. Each collection is a novel arrangement of expressive shapes, empowering genteel femininity..."

Nicholas Nybro : "Nicholas Nybro is a Danish fashion designer specializing in conceptual clothing, costumes and art direction."

Tatiana Andersen Camre : "The recently established design label T.A.C. was born from the desire to create small, unique collections of printed garments and accessories. The designs juxtapose simple and classic silhouettes with complex and colourful prints..."

Tonsure : "Behind Tonsure is Malte Flagstad and Adam El-Zayat Hjort. A former Maison Martin Margiela designer and ma central Saint Martins graduate."

The moment when Mary and Nina Wedell-Wedellsborg of Magasin Fonden entered the stage everyone were holding their breath to hear her announce the winner. Everyone went crazy when Tonsure won. I really want to congratulate the two gentlemen with the amazing title as winners! Before I mentioned that the four nominated design talents had created a mini collection which were worn by the band Scarlet Pleasure who performed during the dinner. The band consists of Malte Flagstad, who has worked as a menswear designer for Maison Martin Margiela in Paris and Adam El-Zayat Hjort, a former manager of Aiaiai and purchases of Henrik Vibskov. I think you should take a look at their website, here, and check out their designs.

The main theme of this evening is undoubtedly fashion. Innovative, architectural, colorful, minimalist fashion. We are allowed to see the latest creations, trends and what the latest collection has to offer. And who is better at representing this? -Mary of course! She is the perfect women to represent everything from innovative till feminine fashion, printed and colourful. She has the classic nordic style that are loved so much and which appeals to many women. Mary is always well- and appropriate dressed whether she going to visit at kindergarden, a hospital or attending a fashion event like last night. We love her because of her true elegance and confident style. No wonder why she was given the title as the best dressed woman in the world more than once. Her outfit from yesterday has already gained a lot of negative criticism which I do not understand. To me she looked like an white angle from the sky wearing feathers on the shoulders. These feathers are those who have been criticized the most - one of the things I love! I think Mary has a special glow. Late last night I received the first photo of Mary standing next to Nina Wedell-Wedellsborg of Magasin Foundation at the arrival with the question: where does this gown come from? My first though was a Malene Birger creation because of the mix of a minimalistic dress decorated with stones and feathers. A second later another Danish designer crossed my mind, Ole Yde. One of my personal favourite designers. He create feminine and glamorous designs dressing any women beautifully. And you know what? - Ole Yde is in fact the designer! The white gown is from his Spring/Summer 2016 collection. Apparently the dress can also be worn without the feathers on but I'm so glad she didn't take them off. Mary you won my heart with this dress. As the dress as a accessory on its own she only wore a few other. Her Judith Leiber clutch, a golden leaves bracelets and ring from Ole Lynggaard. Timeless and tasteful! I still would like to see who shoes she was wearing; have you seen them? And her hairstyle, I would really much like to see that as well, what I already have seen it looks stunning! Below I've collected some photos from the evening. 

Clutch: Judith Leiber
Ring: Ole Lynggaard Leaves Ring in 18K Yellow Gold DKK 29,900

Et billede slået op af DANSKDesignTalentMagasinPrisen (@danskdesigntalentmagasinprisen) den

Congratulations Prince Christian!!

Today on October 15, a special boy celebrate his 10th birthday. This boy is of course the first born child of Frederik and Mary, Prince Christian Valdemar Henry John. The lille boy who has now become a rather handsome young man has grown so fast, I'm sure I am not the only one who thinks this, right? On the occasion of Prince Christians birthday, the family has released four new photos captured by photographer Steen Evald who also has taken the latest pictures of the royal couple. Really, really beautiful photos. I like the fact that the family dog Ziggy is sitting next to him on one of the photos. It's really not the first time we see the beloved dog in official pictures of the family. From Styleofmary I want to wish Prince Christian a wonderful day!

Old News: Phoenix as a Musical

October, Saturday 10th 

Crown Prince Frederik and Crown Princess Mary spend their Saturday watching the musical Phoenix in Tivoli, Copenhagen. All four children attended with their parents.

Like everybody else the four royal children have one week of holiday when they left school and kindergarten on Friday. It gives them the opportunity to get some time with mom and dad. That might be the resin why Frederik and Mary chose to go to Tivoli and watch the musical Phoenix (Fugl Fønex) in Glassalen. They were all there -Frederik, Mary, Christian, Isabella, Vincent and Josephine on their way to spend a day together. The musical is preformed by over a 100 of the most talented young people in Glassalen. It is a family musical by Gunvor Reynberg and Christian Dahlberg. Phoenix is an adventurous journey back to the ancient Russia, a magic journey that will awaken your imagination to life.

This was a private visit, of course, and only a few were lucky to get a couple of photos of the royal family and I was really not sure whether or not I should show the photo because I have the attitude that we should give the royals some spare time, like we all have. They are on 24/7 and is being watched by cameras and journalists everywhere. They also have the right to privacy. So why did I in the end chose to show the photo anyway? I don't think the picture is affording anyone and is not breaking the space between official and private. What is your opinion? Really, I would like to hear what you have to say. It's not the main thing in this post but still... I only show pictures on the blog because I think it gives an entire other perspective from the day. 

With a picture we also get the see what she wore, what we are passionated about. On Saturday she was dressed in good old clothes in navy blue colours, my favourite colour of them all! For real the cold has arrived to Denmark and warm clothes is needed. It was also the case for Mary. Slim jeans, a navy blue sweater matched with a white button-down paired with her reversible Massimo Dutti coat and Isabel Marant boots. I think I see a pair of Dolce & Gabbana shades as well. Seems like the whole family loves the blue colour, sweet! And of course she wore her caramel brown Ralph Lauren handbag. Lovely. 

Coat: Massimo Dutti Reversible Coat
Boots: Isabel Marant Crisi Anthracite DKK 3,460
Bag: Ralph Lauren Soft Ricky Bag $2500
Sunglasses: Dolce & Gabbana DG4175 £204

According to Frederik et Mary, Crown Princess Mary attended a wedding of the American ambassador in Denmark on Copenhagen City Hall the same day as she watched the musical with her family. And according to Billed Bladet Mary was wearing the same Ole Yde dress as in 2011 when she and Frederik attended the 100 years anniversary of the American Scandinavian Foundation. Do you remember the dress? Of course you do! -no one forget that dress. 

Free of Bullying Seminar

October, Thursday 8th

Crown Princess Mary attended a Free of Bullying seminar with the Mary Foundation in the Tivoli Congress Centre in Copenhagen.

The Mary Foundation and their Free of Bullying-project
Free of Bullying (Fri for Mobberi in Danish) was launched back in 2007 and was created by the Mary Foundation and Save the Children Denmark (Red Barnet). Their amazing results with preventing bullying has led to an international interested. Then in 2011 they launched the program international under the name Free of Bullying which have helped children in Greenland, Estonia and Island. Read more about Free of Bullying in Denmark and international

Early in the morning Mary arrived to the Tivoli Congress Centre in Copenhagen to attend a international Free of Bullying seminar with her own fund. It was clear how happy Mary was when she arrived and during the day because of the fact that more and more countries want to combat bullying among children. Representatives from Greenland, Estonia, Iceland, Lithuania and the Faroe Islands had traveled to Denmark to cooperate and exchange experience in anti-bullying program Free of Bullying. All the participants were ready to get a couple of good hours. They both had the opportunity to discuss ideas how the different countries best fight again bullying which is the main goal with the Free of Bullying-project made by the Mary Foundation. As far as I know the idea comes from the Australian foundation Alannah and Madeline Foundation which also gave Mary the idea to her own fund. The Crown Princess gave her welcome speech where she told how glad she is that so many countries have taken the initiative to prevent bullying among children in the future. How and with which tools this can be done. I think it was a proved president of the Mary Foundation who got the chance to welcome the 30 representatives. She know that her project works and now other are interested in doing the same. One thing I noticed in her speech was that it is important for Mary to create an environment where children feel good and have the courage to be who they are. Throughout our lives we are affected by the environment that surrounds us, so it is important we feel well and dare to be who we are. It's okay not to be like everyone else.

Later in the afternoon the participants visited a kindergarden in Nørrebro, Copenhagen, to see for themselves how the Free of Bullying-project works in real life. Because of the successful result, the project has now attracted international attention that's why the anti-bullying program has now gone international. It has already helped so many children in inter alia Greenland. Some of these children Mary met a few year ago when she went to Greenland on a visit with the Mary Foundation as their president. I think the program is made for success and I really hope they will be able to help many more children such as young people to a better life without bullying and give them the tools to prevent it. What I'm aware of the project also helps children to know what to do when they see someone being bullied.

At the seminar we saw the most wonderful dressed Mary. Sharp, modern and edgy with a touch of that special 'Mary-dust'. I fell in love with her outfit right away! Everything about it I love. The quote less is more perfectly describe todays outfit. I wouldn't doubt for a second if anyone asked me to wear this. Not for a second. Love the colours - love the match! Some of the best things are often identified after I finish writing my posts which is the same with this new sleeveless coat. All the credit goes to Else-Marie one of my fantastic readers who found the new navy blue vest at 2nd Day! A never worn brand by Mary and is created by the designers of Day Birger Et Mikkelsen. Thank you so much for your help! These sleeveless coats are the most fashionable to buy and wear this autumn, I completely understand why. So stylish. As you know, this is the second time we see her wearing one just in two different colours and lengths. When she wore the Fonnesbech she was quickly voted as the most stylish royal woman, I think she will again. She takes something we see everywhere, in magazines etc. and make it her own. With a white BOSS Hugo Boss shirt and black trousers she made a fantastic combo wearing the sleeveless coat. What a lovely match! Once again she chose her beige/nude Prada handbag and matching new pumps. I'm pretty sure she is wearing beige pumps from the same designer as her bag. Let me know what you think of the model I have found. She accessorizes this look with a golden Orit Elhanti necklace and a Ole Lynggaard ring. I spotted another necklace as well but the pictures published aren't that good to see it. Hopefully we will see some more pictures soon. I have the idea that it is the same necklace you see on the photo below. Let me hear your thoughts. Marianne Dulong is the designer of her golden earrings. The ring and handbag we last saw when she was in Milan shopping some weeks ago.

Long vest: 2nd Day Alecia (Navy Blazer) DKK 2,599
Blouse: Hugo Boss Collarless V-Neck Silk Shirt £189
Shoes: Prada Beige Pointed Toe Pumps €485
Earrings: Marianne Dulong Esme 10,400
Ring: Ole Lynggaard Leaves Ring in 18K Yellow Gold DKK 29,900
Necklace: Orit Elhanati The Abyss Necklace DKK 10,300