The Crown Prince Couple's Prizes 2015

Crown Prince Frederik and Crown Princess Mary presented the Crown Prince Couple's Prizes 2015 in Kulturværftet, Helsingør.  

Minutes before 8 a clock local time Frederik and Mary arrived to Kulturværftet in Helsingør with Kronborg Castle in the background, to host this years Crown Prince Couple's Prizes 2015. The one and a half hours show was broadcasted on DR1, that's why you also got the opportunity to follow the show live. Did you watch the show? (find it here) I simply loved it. Usually I only look at pictures from royal events where Mary participates but the few times a year when I get the chance to watch them live on TV, I'm always ready! The Crown Prince Couple's Prizes is our window into the Danish-artistic-world. We see musicians, writers, designers etc. A little of everything. This is a night of honor, prizes are handed over by Frederik and Mary to the latest talents who of all deserves to be honored because of their new, innovative and creative work. 

Several different artists are nominated and only four of them wins a prize at the award show. The Crown Prince Couple have presented these four prizes the last eleven years every year at a new location in Denmark. The Crown Princes Couple's Prizes was established in 2004 as a wedding gift to Frederik and Mary and was first presented in 2005. This was a gift from the Bikuben Foundation (Bikubenfonden). Until 2009 the award had another name: The Crown Prince Couple's Cultur Prize and then it was changed to the current name. At the same time, in 2009, the numbers of prizes was expanded from one to four, three different categories. The Crown Prince Coupels Prizes was in 2013 awarded for the first time outside Denmark, as the awards ceremony was held in the Opera House in Sydney. I'm sure you all remember it very well, Mary in her stunning pink Ole Yde dress. Yes, I'm sure you remember. Overall the prizes focuses on outstanding performances, innovative and excellence ideas in the Danish art and culture such as social work. Below you see the winners and some more information on why and how the prizes are given. And of course a picture of the winners and the Crown Prince Couple:

Et billede slået op af DR1 (@dr1tv) den

The Crown Prince Couple's Culture Prize/Kronprinsparrets Kulturpris
The prize goes to a Danish, Faroese and Greenlandic artist who has made an outstanding achievement, and one who can expect great achievements in the future, both national and internationally. The winner also gets DKK 500,000. 

The Culture Prize winner is: Theater director Elisa Kragerup

The Crown Prince Couple's Stardust Prizes/Kronprinsparrets Stjernedryspriser
It is given in recognition of innovative, younger Danish, Faroese and Greenlandic artists who have shown the courage to break new ground in their artistic genre which has been innovative and uncompromising in their artistic exploration. The winners are also given DKK 50,000

The winners are: Designer Mark Tan & Author and artist Amalie Smith

The Crown Prince Couple's Social Prize/Kronprinsparrets Sociale Pris
This prize is given to a private, public or voluntary association, institution or organization that is behind an innovative, creative and innovative project or initiative for the benefit of socially vulnerable or marginalized groups in Denmark or Greenland. The project gets DKK 500,000. 

The winner is the project: Mind Your Own Business

A wonderful evening like this takes a wonderful evening gown and Mary did not disappoint me wearing a dazzling new black outfit with the most incredible details! Because I watched the live broadcast yesterday evening I got a glimpse of her look, saw how it moves when she moved and the stunning details which amazed me. The style was very 1950's with the iconic A-line skirt featuring  beautiful laser cut flowers, a fitted waist accessories with black stones and a turtleneck. I need to admit that I did not see she's wearing a skirt and a blouse. Why didn't I see that?! But thanks to all of you, especially Gitte! Actually we have seen her wear the blouse before, for instance at the celebration of Per Thornit's 70-years birthday in 2012. This also give us a chance that we actually are able to find out where the skirt comes from. Days before the award show we found out that designer Mark Tan was one of the winners. To honor him he could have created the dress Mary would be wearing yesterday at the show. But I doubt. The skirt she wore is too feminine and features too many details. If Mark Tan had designed her dress I think it had been more simple - more modern and plain. To find the skirt hasn't really been easy and I'm not the one to take the credit for this, cause Kate identified her new laser cut A-line skirt. It is from Sofie Topsøe Mailand (Spring/Summer 2016). Apparently Sofie designed the skirt as an inspiration from the 50s. You can follow the entire process of her project here. It is really fascination to read her thoughts behind the design. Mary was even more stunning wearing red lipstick and the bordeaux clutch. In my opinion red and black are two of the most glamorous colours. Absolutely magnificent! I have heard comments about her hairstyle that you think it makes her look old, sorry but I really love it. It's perfect styled to match her 50s look. Her use of the Ruby Parure is great! To use the ruby brooch instead of a necklace is brilliant, innovative and creative as the winners of the evenings prizes. I want to mention that earrings, bracelet and ring are not originally a part of the Parure such as the brooch is. She complete her outfit with a pair of new black Gianvito Rossi pumps. I'm breathless.

Skirt: Sofie Topsøe Mailand Black Laser Cut Skirt
Shoes: Gianvito Rossi Mesh Insert Suede Pumps in Black €570
Jewellery: Ruby Parure

I often fancy looking at old photos of her from previous similar events and this is also possible now because Billed-Bladet did a gallery which you find here. Enjoy!

I will shortly comment on her outfit she wore in the interview made to yesterdays show. If you already have seen the broadcast you know what I'm talking about. I love this outfit as much as her evening look! Her new striped Baum und Pferdgarten shirt dress matched with the beige L.K. Bennett wedges is really a great combo. Beautifully she accessorized with a pony tale hairstyle, Dolce & Gabbana shades and bracelets from Charlotte Wæhrens and Anni Lu. Love, love, love it!

Dress: Baum und Pferdgarten Agata, Sailorstripe DKK 2,199
Shoes: L.K. Bennett Greta Wedges
 Sunglasses: Dolce & Gabbana DG4175 £204
Bracelets: Anni Lu Mess Army Bracelet + Fun Bracelet Army DKK 299
Bracelet: Charlotte Wæhrens Rainbow Bracelet w. Saphires

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  1. Hej Styleofmary...

    Jeg vil blot give en sidebemærkning til Kronprinsesse Marys outfit. Jeg er overbevidst om, at der er tale om en top og en nederdel, og altså ikke en kjole. Hvis man kigger godt efter, så kan man se at det er samme sorte top, som Kronprinsessen bar ved tidligere hofchef Per Thornits 70 års fødselsdag i juni 2012. Toppen kan kendetegnes ved en lodret "syning" eller lignende lodret ned i midten af toppen. Se evt. billeder på og
    Jeg er dog ikke klar over hvor selve toppen er fra. Tak for en dejlig blog.

    Mvh Gitte

    1. Hej Gitte.
      Du har helt ret med hensyn til 'kjolen' for jeg kan da godt se hvad du siger; hun har da en bluse og en nederdel på :) Sjovt jeg ikke selv har set det. Jeg takker mange gange for opmærksomheden og at fortælle mig om dine observationer. Det går op for mig at hun har båret blusen ved flere lejligheder, men desværre ved jeg stadig ikke hvor den kommer fra.
      Mange tak!

  2. Hello Styleofmary.
    I just want to correct the link you are referring to above regarding Sofie Topsøe Mailand.
    The correct link for her website is:
    You can also find her on facebook:
    Thank you for the interest in Sofies design.

    1. Thank you so much Malene for letting me know this :)
      I think Sofie's designs are quite interesting to follow and her creations are really fantastic!