Free of Bullying seminar

October, Thursday 8th

Crown Princess Mary attended a Free of Bullying seminar with the Mary Foundation in Tivoli Congress Centre in Copenhagen.

Early in the morning the Crown Princess arrived to the Tivoli Congress Centre in Copenhagen to attend a international Free of Bullying seminar with the Mary Foundation. She was in a really great mood at the arrival such as during the day, probably before of the fact that countries around the world try to combat bullying among children. Something the Crown Princess and the foundation have been working for in years now. Representatives from both Greenland, Estonia, Iceland, Lithuania and the Faroe Islands had traveled to Denmark to cooperate and exchange experience in anti-bullying program Free of Bullying. All the participants were ready to get a couple of good hours along with the Crown Princess. There was plenty of time to discuss ideas on how the different countries best fight against bullying, which is the main goal with the Free of Bullying project made by the Mary Foundation. As far as I know the idea comes from the Australian foundation Alannah and Madeline Foundation, which also gave the Crown Princess the idea about what her own foundation should focus on. The Crown Princess also gave the opening speech where she pointed out how glad she is that so many people have taken the initiative to prevent bullying among children. Such as how and with which tools this can be done. I think it was a proud Crown Princess who got the chance to welcome the 30 representatives participating the seminar. One thing I noticed in her speech, is the importance to create an environment where children feel good and have the courage to be who they are.
Later in the afternoon the participants of the seminar visited a kindergarden in Nørrebro, Copenhagen, to see for themselves how the Free of Bullying-project works. Because of the successful results, the project has now attracted international attention that's why the anti-bullying program has now gone global. It has already helped so many children in Denmark and Greenland. The Crown Princess met with some of these children a few year ago when she visited Greenland with the Mary Foundation. I think the program is made for success and I really hope it will be able to help many more children, such as young people, to a better life without bullying and give them tools to prevent bullying in the future. What I'm aware of the project also helps children to know what to do when they see someone being bullied. Another important aspect of combating bullying.

Then let's talk fashion. Mary was dressed in the most incredible outfit at the seminar. Very edgy with a touch of that special "Mary-fairy-dust". I fell in love with her outfit right away. I adore every single part of it. The quote "less is more" perfectly describe today's outfit. I wouldn't doubt for a second if anyone asked me to wear this. Most of her outfit was identified before I had even had the time to write the post, which also goes with her new long navy blue vest. The credit goes to Else-Marie who was able to identify this new wonder as 2nd Day. A designer we have never seen Mary wear before. 2nd Day is create by the designers from DAY Birger et Mikkelsen. These vest's or sleeveless coats are the most trendy and fashionable to purchase this Autumn. I completely get it -they look magnificent. This is the second time we get to see Mary wear such a piece. I am sure you remember her peach vest from Fonnesbech. When wearing that, she was quickly voted the most stylish royal woman. She embraced the chic style by wearing a white Hugo Boss blouse and black trousers. Once again she had chosen to wear her nude Prada handbag, matched with new pointed pumps from Prada. As other jewellery she stunned wearing her golden Orit Elhanati necklace and two Ole Lynggaard Copenhagen rings. I also spotted another small necklace, which I strongly believe we have seen before years ago. To be more precise in 2010 when Queen Margrethe celebrated her 70th birthday, here. Marianne Dulong is the designer of her golden earrings featuring diamonds. I simply can't get enough of this look.

Vest: 2nd Day Alecia (Navy Blazer)
Blouse: Hugo Boss Collarless V-Neck Silk Shirt
Earrings: Marianne Dulong Esme
Necklace: Orit Elhanati The Abyss Necklace
Ring: Ole Lynggaard Copenhagen Leaves Ring in 18K Yellow Gold
Ring: Ole Lynggaard Copenhagen Love Bands

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