Conference on Well-being in Brøndby

Tuesday, October 27th

Crown Princess Mary attended in a conference on well-being in the spare time with the Mary Foundation in Brøndby.

I think I'm a little behind with the latest posts right now. I'm always missing one and then the new need to be written. Well I hope you have patience with me and are waiting for my posts to come with excitement.

In a really great mood and lots of confidence Mary arrived in the noon, to attend a conference on the well-being of children in their spare time. The conference took place in House of Sport (Idrættens Hus) in Brøndby. Here Mary among others participate in a debate on girls well-being because studies have show that girls are less able to adapt socially in spare time activities as for instance in a football club than boys have. The reason why I mention football clubs as an example is because Mary has in collaboration with the Mary Foundation, Red Barnet, DBU and TrygFonden developed the project Klubfidusen working with bullying and loneliness among boys and girls in football clubs in Denmark. This project, established in 2013, is a great start to fight for well-being among children. To welcome everybody Mary gave a speech where she pointed out how important it is for all kids to enjoy their spare time. School is not something the kids decide, it's needed, but in their spare time they get to decide how to enjoy activities they like whether it is football, choir or a third thing. Many children look forward to their leisure activities. The sad thing is that studies. made by the Mary Foundation and Red Barnet, that every eighth child has stopped for a leisure activity partly because of bullying or failure to thrive and in and fifty percent of these cases, know the child's parents do not about this reason. There may be many reasons why a child chooses to stop; Mary gave here an example of a girl named Ida beginning to football where she knows some of the other players from school. She does not thrive well with them, and because she is new to the team and not being a part of the community she chooses the easy option: to stay away from training. It could have been an amazing experience with new friends but it end up as a defeat for Ida. Ida isn't bullied but is being locked out of the community. I now give you the chance to read her whole speech, in Danish of course, from the conference, here. I really think you should take the time to read it. She sums up all the essentials in quite few words. When Mary gave her speech everybody were paying attention to her and her words. At the conference several well known people attended as Claus Bretton Meyer, the CEO of Danish Football Association and journalist Jess Dorf Petersen and Morten Ankerdal. After yesterday's event Mary gave an interview to Tv2, here you can watch it. The interview lasts for about 5 minutes and show how well-informed and eloquent she is. She is also talking about how she deals with these problems with her own children, Christian and Isabella.

Vi overser let, når børn mistrives i fritidslivet. Problemet forsvinder så at sige af sig selv, når børnene stopper -...
Posted by Mary Fonden on 27. oktober 2015
In my opinion, it is important that Mary chooses to participate in such events which focuses on children's well-being in their daily lives. How to improve their well-being in especially leisure. There are many aspects which can be treated and many of them affecting areas like Mary Foundation works with and for -isolation, loneliness, friendship etc. Children need adults to stand up for them, help and improve the problems they are facing. Children who are affected by for instance bullying are often socially weakened and need someone to take them by the hand and make a change. I really hope that we will be able, in the future, to help more and more children to get a better social life and give them tools to works with their future problems.

We saw some really great piece of clothes when she attended the conference among others a well-known Prada blouse last time worn when Prince William and his wife Cathertine, Duchess of Cambridge a few years ago. At that time, she wore the blue blouse with black trousers and a long black coat, not a combination I liked very much but this one... wauw! The tight trousers and new blazer showed her figure beautifully! I fell in love with the new Massimo Dutti blazer right away.  First the style reminded my of something special but after a quick search I ran out of ideas. I thought I had to have you help but suddenly 'Massimo Dutti' popped up in my head and guess what, here it was. So no need for help. For quite a while not many pictures of Mary have been published which is such a shame. That is why it's so hard for me to tell exactly what she wore. What I see from yesterday is a golden (?) bracelet that looks new to me, that she might be wearing nail polish and some different rings. Oh.. I would so much like to tell you more about all of this but right not it's not possible. The curly hair and natural makeup gave her the perfect feminine look I love so much! Her Jewlscph earrings are old and really hard to find a picture of. I have one on my computer but that doesn't help me here. But you have to trust me on this. Just as you have to trust me when I tell you that her dazzling bordeaux handbag is from Hugo Boss worn the first time in Lithuania last month. You remember it? I think it would have been great for her to wear the same bordeaux pumps matching the bag as in Lithuania, not the black one she actually wore. In the end I was quite impressed by this business look featuring wonderful autumn colours!

Blazer: Massimo Dutti Polka-Dot Print Jacket €99.99
Blouse: Prada Blouse in Grey €381
Bag: Hugo Boss Mila-F in Bordeaux €479
Watch: Cartier Tank Francaise in 18K Yellow Gold
Earrings: Jewlscph

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  1. Just out of interest she wore the blouse in March this year. I thought we had seen it more recently than 2011 but it took me quite a while to find it! Nice blouse. Also love the new jacket.

    1. It is right, she has worn the Prada blouse at several different occasions :) The one I chose to mention in my post was just the one I remembered. Thank you for making me aware of your observations.