Film Premier of: "He Named Me Malala"

Sunday, October 25th 

Crown Princess Mary attended the film premier of the documentary He named me Malala at the Grand Theatre in Copenhagen.

It is all about world peace. "Me and Malala share the same vision. We want a peaceful world. I admire her" this is what Mary said at the arrival to the Grand Theatre in Copenhagen on Sunday to watch the documentary He named me Malala which has its premiere in Denmark that same day. It was at three a clock Mary arrived to the theatre. This gala premiere was also to mark the start of Copenhagen International Documentary Film Festival, CPH:DOX, - one of the largest documentary film festivals in the world. Every year since 2013 fill the Copenhagen cinemas with over 200 specially selected documents from around the world. It's quite interesting to read about the project and if you want to read a little more you find it here. iI addition to a peaceful world, Mary and the Pakistani girl Malala, which the documentary is about, they have one more thing in common despite they live a world apart. They both work for a better world where women and girls have more rights and better living conditions. The reason why Malala become known across the globe was because she  defied the Taliban and told her opinion on child and women's rights in connection with school. At the time, the press was all over her to hear what she had to say. Almost everyone in the world had heard about this Pakistani girl who almost were killed by a terrorist attack because of her statement earlier. She survived and told her story; a question on why we need to control our own life. This 18 year old girl, Malala Yousafzai, has been able in a very short time to give her message and stand up for girl's and women from every single part of the world. For her incredible work and courage she has also received several awards: The United Nations Human Rights Prize (2013), the Mother Teresa Award (2012), the Simone de Beauvoir award (2013) and of course the Nobel Peace Prize (2014) as the youngest recipient ever.

As a woman I think it is incredible what Malala has been able to do in such a young age. Her courage is not to describe. She risked her life to stand up for girls and women, she is such as brave girl. If I will be asked to watch this new documentary of Malala's story, which I hope I will, I would differently say yes. We can't imagine what she has already experienced but maybe we will get a glimpse of her life, thought and cause of courage. I thought you might be interested in reading a bit more about the film, so now I give you the chance.

He names me Malala is a documentary about the Pakistani girl Malala Yousafzai. She was almost killed for having engaged the debate on girls' rights to education in her region of Swat Valley in Pakistan which was. The films also deals with all the events leading up to the terrorist attack on Malala. We are also get to see the moving speech she gave to the United Nations and when she was handed over the prestigious Nobel Peace Prize in 2014. The film is directed by Davis Guggenheim.   

In her grey woolen Massimo Dutti coat, worn at a previously event, Mary arrived in the afternoon to watch this film I just talked so much about. She seemed happy at the arrival and even took the time to take pictures with some of attendees standing outside the cinema. No rush at all. After she spoke shortly with the press she was headed to find her seat and watch the documentary. Wearing ankle boots which I think is from Gianvito Rossi and her grey Mulberry body-cross bag featuring a golden chain shoulder strap. Despite the fact that this is quite an event we only have a very few pictures of her, non without the coat, so it's a little hard for me to tell exactly what she was wearing underneath. Especially when it comes to the blouse. What we see it a white collar probably from a button-down shirt and a navy blue sweater but this gives us at least two options: either she's wearing a a white button-down and a sweater over (this is a combo we have seen before) or her JOSEPH blouse that are designed to look like she is wearing a white button-down underneath. I know it sounds complicated, still I hope you understand what I mean about all this. I think it is very likely that she is wearing her JOSEPH jumper because I see similarities with the two collars.

Note: Stay turned, because very soon I will post about her attendance at today's conference.

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  1. An important and relevant documentary you must see!

    1. Indeed it is! I really hope I will be able to watch the documentary.