Women Deliver Committee Meeting

Tuesday, October 6th

Crown Princess Mary attended a Women Deliver Committee Meeting in the Ministry of Foreign Affairs in Copenhagen. The meeting was held after the opening of the Parliament at 12:00 pm. 

Only two and a half hour after she arrived with her husband to Christiansborg castle in Copenhagen to attend the annual opening of the Parliament, the Crown Princess joined a meeting. The meeting was organized by Women Deliver; an organization we have heard quite a lot about the last few months. First of all because the Crown Princess is a member, she has been selected as patron of next years conference which will be held in Denmark and because of her dedication to the project. Yesterday's meeting she attended with Minster for Foreign Affairs, Kristian Jensen, whom she has worked with before in New York during the UN General Assembly. Apparently he promised her one of the 'dizzy-goal' footballs which she was given at yesterdays meeting. It was received with great pleasure. She wasn't the only one who got a football, because the Crown Princess and Minster for Foreign Affairs Kristian Jensen handed over 20 balls to the 20 committee members. On each and every one of them the 17 world goals of United Nations were written. This will let the members remember to make next years conference a great experience for the benefit of women worldwide. During the meeting the Crown Princess was in an exceptional mood, which proves how much she cares about the Women Deliver-project. With a smile on her lips, she handed over footballs to left and right in a pretty fast move like a professional to the participants and talking at the same time. Quite a performance. The meetings are in preparation for the Women Deliver conference in May next year which will be held in Denmark where one of the focus areas is gender equality.

About three hours before the committee meeting Mary was dressed in a new lace pencil skirt and a black peplum. At the meeting she grabbed everything gorgeous from the 60s and right there we have Mary; a modern women in a 60s inspired outfit. I know her look was also almost only black, but some black items are more exciting than others. Here we have a pattern included that makes the difference to me. Another reason why I just love her outfit is because of the new houndstooth blouse identified by Kate as Baum und Pferdgarten (Autumn/Winter 2015). Finally, I'm able to tell you a little more detailed what she also wore at the meeting. As I assumed she wore slim black trousers and matching pumps. To me they look like SAND Copenhagen. A beautiful and simple hairdo completed a perfect outfit, such as the golden Cartier watch. Now when I have seen the rest of her outfit I love it even more than I did before. Oh, I almost forgot to mention the purple/bordeaux suede belt. What a wonderful detail.

Blouse: Baum und Pferdgarten (Blouse) ADDY Boucle Storm
Watch: Cartier Tank Francaise 18K Yellow Gold
Shoes: SAND Copenhagen

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