DANISH Design Talent: The Magasin Prize 2015

Thursday, October 22nd

Crown Princess Mary attended the presentation of DANISH Design Talent -the Magazin Prize 2015 and a following dinner at the National Gallery of Denmark in Copenhagen.

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Yesterday evening at 7:00 pm. the Crown Princess arrived the National Gallery of Denmark as an angle in her breathtaking white evening gown. She was present for this years DANISH Design Talent -Magasin Prize 2015 at a gala show and dinner with all the over 200 special invited guests. This is the third time the Magasin Prize are presented and the Crown Princess was the one to reveal the this years winner. Besides the honor and the chance to get their own fashion show during Copenhagen Fashion Week in January, the winner or winners takes home DKK 500,000. Four different design talents compete about all this. The guests all arrived on the red carpet where a sea of photographers were lined up to get the best pictures of men and women dressed in stunning evening clothes. I think we saw the most amazing evening gown decorated with feathers, sequins, flowers, lace etc. All with dazzling jewellery and clutches. An evening where we get to see the very best. It really was a evening to remember. By the way it is the second time the Crown Princess attend the prestigious event. The last time she attended was in 2014 where Mark Tan won. You might remember that name, because Mark Tan also won one of The Crown Prince Couple's Stardust Prizes only a few months ago. During the dinner, several artists entertained wearing the four design talents creations. The four nominated talents also presented their very own mini collection, which was followed by the attendants with great pleasure. After all the eating, music, fashion shows and much more the final moment had arrived: this years winner was about to be announced. who will be this years winner of the DANISH Design Talent Magasin Prize 2015? Before I tell you who actually won last night prize I think you should hear a little about the four nominated design talents.
The moment when the Crown Princess and Nina Wedell-Wedellsborg of the Magasin Foundation entered the stage, everyone were holding their breath to hear her announce the winner. Everyone went crazy when Tonsure won. I really want to congratulate the two gentlemen with the amazing title. Before I mentioned that the four nominated design talents had created a mini collection which were worn by the band Scarlet Pleasure who performed during the dinner. The band consists of Malte Flagstad, who has worked as a menswear designer for Maison Martin Margiela in Paris and Adam El-Zayat Hjort, a former manager of Aiaiai and purchases of Henrik Vibskov.

The main theme of this evening is undoubtedly fashion. Innovative, architectural, colorful, minimalist fashion. We are allowed to see the latest creations, trends and what the latest collection has to offer. And who is better at representing this? -Mary of course. Mary is always well- and appropriate dressed whether she going to visit at kindergarden, a hospital or attending a fashion event like last night. We love her because of her true elegance and confident style. No wonder why she was given the title as the best dressed woman in the world more than once. Her outfit from yesterday has already gained a lot of negative criticism which I do not understand. To me she looked like a white angle from the sky wearing feathers on the shoulders. These feathers are those who have been criticized the most -the thing I love the most about the gown. Late last night I received the first photo of Mary standing next to Nina Wedell-Wedellsborg of the Magasin Foundation at the arrival and right away the question occurred: where does this gown come from? My first though was a Malene Birger creation because of the mix of a minimalistic dress decorated with stones and feathers. A second later another Danish designer crossed my mind, YDE Copenhagen. He create feminine and glamorous designs. And you know what? - YDE Copenhagen (Spring/Summer 2016) is in fact the designer of Mary's new dreamy white gown. Apparently the dress can also be worn without the feathers, but I'm so glad she didn't take them off. Mary you won my heart. She only wore very few accessories. First we have her Judith Leiber clutch, a golden leaves bracelets and ring from Ole Lynggaard Copenhagen. Very elegant. I still would like to see what pair of shoes she was wearing and a close up of her hairstyle.

Ring: Ole Lynggaard Copenhagen Leaves Ring in 18K Yellow Gold
Clutch: Judith Leiber

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