Presentation of the 'Léonie Sonnings Music Prize'

30 May 2024

Queen Mary arrived in Odense to attend the presentation of the 'Léonie Sonnings Music Prize'. The ceremony took place in Odense Concert House.

The 'Léonie Sonnings Music Prize' is the biggest music prize in Denmark since 1959. It is given to an international composer, musician, conductor or singer in classical music. 

This year, Swiss flautist Emmanuel Pahud received the prestiges prize - handed over by the Queen herself. Congratulations to Emmanuel!

Wish we had many more photos from this event. Mary looked SO beautiful in her reused Etro dress! Most photos are just blurry. Why? She has only worn the dress ones before and that was at a private dinner at Wayfair Club Oswald when attending the coronation in Great Britain in 2023.

At the presentation of the 'Léonie Sonnings Music Prize' in Odense, Mary embraced the style of her dress with stunning diamond earrings custom-made by Dulong Fine Jewelry. These earrings go way back and comes with several different pendants. She also wore a couple of necklaces. One of them is Halberstadt.

We also get a glimpse of an old bright blue stain clutch from Prada. Mary first wore it at a private birthday party in 2015. I've tried everything to finde more photos of her shoes to tell for sure if they are old or new. Everybody else thinks it is her grey satin pumps from Manolo Blahnik. I am not quite sure. I like the idea of Manolo Blahnik, but I think Mary is in fact wearing brand new ones. In blue. What do you think?


Dress ● Etro

Earrings ● Custom-made by Dulong Fine Jewelry 

Necklace ● Halberstadt

Clutch ● Prada


  1. I agree about the shoes! When I first saw them I also thought they were blue but later I just assumed that the fashion experts were correct that they were the grey ones! I would love it if she does have a new blue pair :)

    1. Glad to hear that I'm not the only one seeing them as blue. Haven't heard anyone going with blue - just her grey Manolo Blahnik. I do believe they are from Blahnik, but I still go with a brighter blue.

      Thanks for sharing your thoughts with me!