Meeting with Global Partnership for Educatio

26 January 2023

For quite some years, the Crown Princess has sought to combat domestic violence, bullying and loneliness. Also trying to improve, among others, girls and women's health, rights and well-being. 

Children and young people have been in her agenda. Especially, loneliness amongst young people has been a matter of heart for the Crown Princess the last few years as a consequence of the pandemic.

This was not on the paper for her last meeting with CEO of Global Partnership for Education Laura Frigenti. Global Partnership for Education is also know as GPE. They work hard to promote education in collaboration with other relevant partners. Denmark is one of those partners.

CEO Laura Frigenti shared the organization's latest evaluation. An evaluation that estimate that around 244 million children and young people around the world do not go to school. Most of them because they live in some of the world poorest countries suffering from among others significant conflicts, hunger and floods.

The meeting took place at Amalienborg.


Mary had chosen a very fine look, when meeting with Laura Frigenti, CEO of  Global Partnership for Education. Everything is a reuse. Even the entire outfit is a reuse. On November 2nd 2017, she inaugurated Nøvling School and attended an annual meeting with school leaders (here). Not much has changed. The simple black WILLOW jacket and that patterned Heartmade Julie Fagerholt dress are a lovely match.

She accessories the outfit with a black leather belt from Celine. A beloved belt worn on a number of different occasions. I think we often forget to praise belts (and hats). Sometimes they make the difference between a complete look and something feels missing.

The fine tortoise-like glasses are from Gucci.

One photo do not show much, but I still recognize those wonderful Rose Quartz earrings custom-made by Dulong Fine Jewelry. Mary was also wearing a couple of golden necklaces. A small medallion and her diamond studded 'F' necklace from Halberstadt.


Jacket ● WILLOW, here

Dress ● Heartmade Julie Fagerholt, here

Glasses ● Gucci, here

Belt ● Celine

Earrings ● Dulong Fine Jewelry, here

Necklace ● Halberstadt, here

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