New Year's reception at Amalienborg and Christiansborg

03 Januar 2023

The new year is always celebrated with several prestiges gatherings. The first one is on January 1st with Queen Margrethe as hostess. For a few years, we have had to live without the annual New Year's Banquet at Amalienborg due to the worldwide pandemic. But not this years. Queen Margrethe enjoyed celebrating the coming of a new year with her closest family and members of the Danish Government (here).

Following comes two New Year's receptions taking place on January 3rd and 4th.

On January 3rd, Queen Margrethe hosted a wonderful New Year's reception at Christian VII's Palace at Amalienborg with guests invited from the Officer Corps of the Royal Life Guards and the Guard Hussar Regiment and Judges of the Supreme Court. The Crown Prince Couple accompanied the Queen.

Crown Prince Frederik and Crown Princess Mary also accompanied Queen Margrethe, when she hosted yet another reception that very same day. This reception took place at Christiansborg with guests from the Diplomatic Corps.

KongehusetKongehusetBilled BladetBilled BladetBilled BladetBilled Bladet ● Frederik et Mary ● UFO No More

From the reception at Christian VII's Palace at Amalienborg

From the New Year's reception at Christiansborg

Usually, Queen Margrethe has worn an "annual" outfit, when attending these New Year receptions, but Mary has mostly worn different outfits each year. This changed som years ago. Now, she is mainly wearing the same gowns for the different receptions. I kindly miss the diversity of gowns. It is truly hard to separate every year from each other. Nevertheless, she looked very beautiful at the receptions on January 3rd.

The lovely light grey gown was first worn in 2008 (here). As you see, it has been altered since then. The upper part is now in a soft grey fabric and she is not wearing it with its matching jacket. Mary also wore the gown in 2010 (here), 2012 (here), 2013 (here), 2017 (here) and 2019 (here).

This year, Mary has chosen to style her reception-outfit with divine white pearl earrings and a matching ring but custom-made creations by Dulong Fine Jewelry. Both earrings and ring have been in her collection for many years. She has worn the earrings with a number of different pendants (here, here, here). The stunning diamond necklace is a Halberstadt creation.

I really adore how she embraced the gown with a suede clutch from BOSS Hugo Boss and pointed Gianvito Rossi pumps. I am always IMPRESSED how well Mary is able to match shades of colours despite brands.


Gown ● Custom-made by Julie Fagerholt

Earrings & pendants ● Custom-made by Dulong Fine Jewelry

Necklace ● Halberstadt, here

Ring ● Custom-made by Dulong Fine Jewelry

Clutch ● BOSS Hugo Boss, here

Shoes ● Gianvito Rossi, here

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